Cute Baby Images

The cuteness of a baby is a reminder of God. Babies are God's gift. They fill our life with joy. They are fresh as a blooming flower and pure as an angel. Smile of the baby makes our life worth living. Their innocent eyes, filled with

Heart Images

Emotions are invisible to our eyes and cannot be touched. Nevertheless, our heart can feel them. It is truly said smile and tears comes from heart because only our heart can see what is right, can hear what is true and feel what is called

Cartoon Images

Cartoons are our childhood friends. They take us into a world of imagination where everything seems possible. For children, animation has been one of the popular entertainment for decades. Nevertheless, there is more to it. We all have

Stages Of Cold

There are hundreds of different virus causing similar cold symptoms. Mostly the symptoms of cold appear about 1-3 day after the exposure to the infecting virus. On the fourth day, symptoms are at peak and around seven day tapers off.

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