Double Marker Test

First of all congratulations. You are pregnant and soon a new life will accompany you. But the 9 months of pregnancy journey is not easy. Expecting mother is showered with well being and dietary advice. Of course you need to shift to a

Painful Ejaculation

Making love with your partner is a pleasure act but for some men it is painful. About 10 percent of males suffer from pain during and after ejaculation that leads to fear, frustration and relationship issues.The foremost step to deal

Vitamins For Men

It is a well-known fact that the needs of a male and a female body differ but both men and women today are facing vitamin and mineral deficiency due to the poor eating habits and changes in the lifestyle. This indirectly or directly is…

Yacon Syrup Benefits

To lose weight, we usually punish our taste buds. It is hard to believe that a sweet tasting yacon syrup can also make you lose weight.Yacon syrup has recently gained lots of popularity. Many marketers and health gurus suggest that it…

PQQ Benefits

The primary function of mitochondria; the powerhouse of the cell is to take in the nutrients and break it down to produce energy. But with age, the number of mitochondria in the cell decreases and this, in turn, reduces the longevity and…