Know the Best Family planning method for You

A well-planned family is key to a happy family. It helps people to decide how many, when and at what interval to have a child.

Family planning is an essential component that benefits the health of the mother. On the other hand, an unplanned pregnancy poses a financial burden and hampers the physical and mental health of the mother.

For the happiness and health of the household, a couple should have the freedom to choose the number of children, and this is possible only through family planning methods.

Let us learn in detail the Benefits of Family Planning

Family planning Benefits For Mother

  • Improved health
  • Career growth
  • More time for herself
  • More attention to the family
  • Freedom

Family Planning Benefits for the Father

  • Less responsibility
  • Less financial burden
  • Preservation of family resources

Benefits of Family Planning for Children

  • More opportunities
  • Improve health 
  • Proper growth and development
  • Gets more love and care.
  • Financial security

All the above benefits of family planning bring happiness to mother, father and children.

Now let us discuss effective family planning methods.

Family Planning Methods

Different types of contraceptive methods are available. To decide which one is best, there is a need to know about them in detail.

Barrier methods 

Barrier methods are to prevent the sperm from entering the vagina by collecting the semen during ejaculation. Also, it protects you against the sexually transmitted diseases along with preventing unintended pregnancies.

Barrier methods are of two types:

  • Internal condoms
  • Condoms        

Condoms – Condom is a barrier usually made up of rubber. It is rolled on the penis before having the intercourse. It can be used for vaginal, oral and anal sex.

Internal condoms – It is like a pouch with a flexible ring at each end. One end is open, and the other end is closed. The female to prevent pregnancy while having sex with the partner uses it. The internal condom is inserted deep into the vagina before the intercourse. Closed ring end holds the pouch inside the vagina, and other ring end stays outside the vaginal opening. Thus, internal condom stays inside the female vagina, collects the semen during ejaculation, and prevents sperm from entering the vagina.

Internal condoms are usually made up of nitrile polymer and are latex-free.

Long-acting reversible contraception 

The next family planning method in our list includes intrauterine device and implants. Both are long-acting as well as reversible contraception methods. 

Sometimes they are also called as ‘fit and forget’ contraception because once they go into the uterus, there is no need to remember it in days or every month. Both methods are 99% effective in preventing contraception. 

Intrauterine devices – Depending upon the type of device, it works for 3, 5 or 10 year.  They may be hormonal or non-hormonal. Copper IUD is most commonly used.

Copper IUD – It is without hormone IUD. It contains a metal ‘copper’ that stops the sperm from reaching the egg. 

An experienced nurse or doctor puts copper IUD inside your uterus. The complete procedure is simple, safe and takes only 5 to 10 minutes. Once it is inserted, you cannot feel it, neither your partner will be able to feel it while having sex. Also, you can use tampons. It is provided with a thread that comes out of the cervix but does not hangs outside the vagina instead curl up inside the top of the vagina. 

Implants – Implant contraception works up to 5 years. The implant is two small rods that are put under the skin inside your arm. It is a type of long-acting reversible contraception with hormones. It releases hormone progesterone slowly in the body, prevents the release of eggs every month, and thickens the mucus in the cervix to prevent sperm to reach the egg.  

Next on the list of family planning methods is emergency contraceptive.

Emergency Contraception

It includes emergency contraceptive pills.

Emergency contraceptive pills – Emergency contraception is used after you have unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy.

The emergency contraceptive pill delays release of egg until sperms are inactive inside the body.

In addition, they change the movement of sperm in the body and prevent fertilization.

Emergency contraceptive does not work once the egg is fertilized and cannot harm the developing embryo.

For the desired results, emergency contraceptive pill should be taken up to 72 hours after unprotected sex.

Fertility Awareness

Apart from contraceptive pill and devices, learning the signs of fertility in the menstrual cycle also helps to avoid pregnancy. It is termed as fertility awareness.

Fertility Awareness – It includes understanding your menstrual cycle and then planning or avoiding pregnancy accordingly. To avoid pregnancy, it is advised to have sex during your infertile phase. To learn more about your infertile phase is it better to consult your gynaecologist.

Permanent Contraception

Permanent contraception method also known as sterilization prevents pregnancy in future. It includes vasectomy and tubal ligation. Both the methods once done are very difficult to reverse.

Vasectomy – Vasectomy is simple surgical procedure done by the doctors in the hospital. After this procedure is done, there is no more sperm in the semen that is ejaculated.

Tubal ligation – It is done in females. It is a procedure where both the fallopian tubes are closed so that the sperm cannot fertilize the eggs. A doctor under general anaesthesia does this process in the hospital.

The correct knowledge of family planning method saves you from unwanted pregnancy and allows you to enjoy intimacy with your partner without any fear.

We hope our readers finds our article useful. Soon we will update the article with advantages and disadvantages of each family planning method. Keep reading.