Male body types: How to know your body type

Do you know your body type?

Almost all of us are familiar with our physique. We know if we are tall or short, lean on muscular, short, or tall.

Everybody type has a name and typical characteristics. In addition, before we start with some nutrition or physical training, it is better to figure out our body type.

In this article, we will discuss the male body type so that you can decide your fitness routine accordingly.

Knowing your body type is essential to be aware of your strengths and weakness. It will help you to manage your life in a better way and face challenges. Your body type influences the response to exercise and food and dictates which clothing suits you the best.

Every man comes in different sizes and shapes. Some men short, some tall and others stocky. In other words, every man has a unique physical characteristic. In general, w the male body type falls into three categories.

Let us discuss the three primary body types in which men’s bodies are divided.

3 main Male Body Types

Endomorphs – Endomorphs are plump. They have the potential to gain muscle on practicing appropriate bodybuilding workouts. To control the weight, cardio is recommended to this body type. In addition, to avoid excess weight gain, they are required to maintain balanced calorie intake. Body of endomorphs has a characteristic pear-shape.

Traits of endomorph includes:

  • Stocky and solid build
  • Typically shorter than average height
  • Thick legs and arms
  • Strong upper legs
  • Wide hips with extra fat of thighs
  • Buxom with narrow shoulders
  • large arms and skinny wrist
  • Gains muscle easily
  • Undefined and soft muscles
  • Slow metabolism
  • Gains fat as well as muscles very easily
  • Difficulty in losing fat

Men with endomorph body type are usually even-tempered, sociable, and fun loving.  

Ectomorphs – Ectomorphs have a lean body. They are hard gainers. The biggest challenge of ectomorphs is to gain weight. They are always skinny, no matter how much they eat. Ectomorphs have a fast metabolism and burn calories quicker than normal. This makes muscle and weight gain difficult for them. Ectomorphs required high-calorie intake. Their workout needs to be focused on large muscle groups. The process of gaining weight and muscles is slow for them but possible. The key is to find a suitable diet and workout. Traits of ectomorphs include:

  • Fast metabolism
  • Difficulty to gain weight
  • Very low body fat index
  • Lean muscle mass
  • Skinny legs and arms
  • Often lanky
  • A small frame
  • Delicate bone structure
  • Underdeveloped chest
  • Narrow or small shoulders
  • Any height, but usually tall men

In comparison to endomorph body types, ectomorphs are self-conscious, socially anxious, quiet, and fragile.

Mesomorphs – Mesomorph is the most common body type with heavy bone and muscle structure. Mesomorph body type is easy to maintain. They have an athletic physique and gain muscle. They burn calories at a reasonable pace and have a healthy metabolism. Mesomorphs can gain weight very quickly; they need to be careful with calorie intake, especially if they age. Mesomorph body type has no special consideration and can follow a typical bodybuilding routine. To maintain weight, it is very important for them to include cardio as a part of their workout program.

Traits of mesomorphs include:

  • Well-defined muscles
  • Athletic build
  • Strong arms and legs
  • Little body fat
  • Sturdy frame
  • Rectangular shaped body
  • Narrow waist, large head and broad shoulders
  • Typically of average height.
  • Gains muscle easily
  • Normal metabolism
  • Generally strong
  • Gains fat easily

Mesomorphs are courageous, assertive, dominant, and competitive.

Besides the three main body types, there are two more male body types that are less common but cannot be ignored.

Stocky body types- Stocky body type do not fall in any of the above three-body types but is similar to endomorphic body type but is not the same.

Stocky men are shorter than average. They have broad hips and shoulders. Such men quickly gain muscle and face difficulty in losing excess fat.

Medium build man – Medium build men are similar to mesomorph body type. They are neither short nor tall, neither delicate nor muscular, neither overweight nor skinny. Such men fall within the average ranges for both height and weight

Body type is instrumental in gaining the life and body mage you desire. The knowledge of your body type helps you to achieve the best in you. Now, as you know your body type, you can design your wardrobe, diet, and work routine accordingly.