Top Weight Loss Programs in India

Trying to lose weight?

Looking for a weight loss program?

In this article, we have compiled the top online weight loss programs in India for you.

Before listing India’s weight loss programs, let us first discuss the need for online weight loss programs.

What Is The Need For An Online Weight Loss Program?

There are many reasons to go for an online weight loss program such as hectic social life, traffic congestion and long working hours that makes it almost impossible for you to spare some time and visit a fitness centre or personally consult a nutritionist. Besides, relating to the current situation we are in the midst of COVID epidemic that has limited our life indoors and forced us to maintain social distancing persuading us to look for online programs.

Today most of the population suffers from non-communicable lifestyle disorder such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity. Weight loss program is need of the hour to prevent obesity and lifestyle-related diseases.

Online Weight Loss Programs in India

  1. The WeightMonitior The WeightMonitor is India’s first online weight management portal.

This team is extremely committed to improve its nutrition experience. The program provides a diet plan and daily diet monitoring along with complete flexibility to communicate with the nutritionist anytime in a day. The client may communicate with the trained nutritionist as many numbers of times as required. The program focuses on teaching the client to eat right instead of providing you with a temporary diet regime. It encourages not only to lose weight but to stay fit for a lifetime.

To be enrolled for WeightMonitor weight loss program follow the following steps:

  • Registers on
  • Chooses 3 or 6-month online weight loss management package
  • Make online payment.

Once you are enrolled, you will receive a tailor-made diet plan. Login into your account on to access the diet plan. You are then required to follow the diet plan and fill up the online food diary every day. The team will send you a daily review on your diet and will advise accordingly.

2. Eat Well Online Weight Loss Program – Gunisha Khurana founded ‘Eat Well’ online dietary portal a decade ago. Gunisha Khurana is an accredited dietitian. The team provides with a sustainable diet plan that is tailored according to the requirement of the client’s body. You can enrol for 1-12 months program. This online weight loss program believes that it is more important to be fit than to be slim. The nutrition plan created by ‘Eat Well’ nutritionist is according to the particular needs of the client depending upon their physical factors such as BMI measurements, blood groups and specific disorders. They do not recommend fad diet but include foods in your diet plan that are easily available in your kitchen.

‘Eat Well’ weight loss package includes:

  • An everyday customized diet designed by Gunisha Khurana.
  • Every client is assigned an individual counsellor for any assistance.
  • Personalized attention by the experts.
  • Encouraging correct food combinations to enhance the nutritional value of food.
  • Keeps the client motivated and helps to maintain the weight after the goal is realised.

3. The Balance Nutrition – The founder and chief nutritionist of ‘Balance Nutrition’ is Khyati Rupani. They have a team of well-trained and experienced nutritionists. Weight loss and Lifestyle management for them is not just limited to planning diet, but they also provide a positive and engaging experience to the clients.  

Once you request for the consultation you receive a call from the expert counsellor within 24 hours. Your health is accessed according to BMI and depending on your current health. Soon you will hear from your mentor and get a diet plan and E-kit. The weight loss program includes diet sessions and E-kit. E-kit has files that can be downloaded on your phone. It will make it easy for you to lose weight and yet have fun. It will guide you with the following: 

  • BN Ingredient Availability Checklist: To ensure that you do not have to go out in search of exotic ingredients and fancy foods. the diet is planned after checking the availability of ingredients in your kitchen. 
  • BN Eat-In-Portion Guide: It allows you to eat everything smartly. 
  • BN Global Dine-Out and Party Guide: It provides you with the freedom to choose your meals when you are at a party or eating out. 
  • Progress Trackers and Cheat Sheet: To keep you updated regularly about your progress and ensure the better result. The tracker updates the team with your weight every 10 days. The mentor will review, comment and plan the next diet accordingly
  • Mentor Intervention and Progress Check To review your progress and send you the next diet chart. 
  • FAQ – It is a mini mentor that will answer most of your queries.
  • Social Alcohol Guide: To allow you to enjoy alcohol but in portion and also details the options for biting. 

The weight loss program include 30 days, 60 days and 90 days package. The Program features:

  • Easy and effective diet plans
  • Periodic calls with the assigned nutritionist
  • Unlimited chat with nutritionist
  • Tracking milestone and goals.
  • BN portion control along with guides
  • Weight, inch & photo Trackers
  • 1200+ healthy BN recipes on App
  • BN wallet & rewards

4. Truweight: Truweight programs not only pay emphasis on weight loss but also encourages regaining health and boosting your immune system. It includes a set of programs that are designed by a team of 100+ nutritionist, doctors and experts.  This program believes in attacking the cause of obesity and provides you with an anti-starving regime. It starts with free diet analysis to find out the reason for weight gain. In additions it tries to understand your lifestyle and about your body for the better approach towards healthy life. The weight loss program by ‘Truweight’ includes the following: 

  • Customized meal plans so that it is easy for you to follow the meal plan. The meals are planned according to your food preferences and health conditions. 
  • The panel of dietitian and doctors is provided for regular consultation and to guide you at every step. 
  • Super healthy superfoods to help you supercharge your immune system. 
  • Free online tutorials on nutrition and food to help you understand food, nutrition and to keep you motivated for lifelong changes towards healthy living. 
  • Personalized mobile app for full access to the mobile application and to track the progress of the client. 
  • Provides a ‘Detox kit’ every month.

You may enrol yourself for 3, 5+1 or 10+2 months online weight loss program by Truweight. 

5. Idietitian India Idietitian India vows to take care of your dietary needs and encourages you to follow a happy and healthy life. The team believes that losing weight is not about reducing meals but to eat healthy.  It guides you to follow a proper nutrition and exercise regime. Respecting the uniqueness of every individual Idietitian team is motivated to modify the eating pattern of their client in such a way that it benefits in the long run and provides a healthy and stress-free life.

To enrol yourself for the weight loss program, you need to go through the following steps:

  • Go to the official website of Idietitian India and fill-up the form.
  • Choose the desired plan and make the payment.
  • Within 24 hours of the payment, you will receive a call from the diet mentor.
  • Within 2 days, you will receive a customised diet plan on your personal Idietitian account. Your diet will change every week according to your progress.

Idietitian India provides you with a personal diet mentor whom you can reach 24×7 to solve all your issues in no time.

Weight loss programs by Idietitian includes 1, 3, 6 and 12-month package. You can choose the package according to the extent of weight you decide to lose. There are also special weight loss programs with advanced special diet plan. The special program delivers unique ways to lose weight. It includes Navratri diet, Ramdan diet, bridal diet and menopausal diet.

6. The Fit Indian: The Fit Indian provide easy and affordable health and fitness services. Its nutrition team provides constitution specific diet plans and workout. The team consists of over 20 certified nutritionists. You may explore the Fit Indian app to find out your health score. It is a unique feature that helps the team to know your everyday calorie intake and expenditure, sleep pattern, water consumption and lifestyle habits. Also, lifestyle-related health issue and hormonal imbalance is taken into account. The calculated health score is used to plan the diet accordingly. 

The Fit Indian community consists of dedicated nutritionists available 12 hours per day via telephone or chat to give you the required health advice. 

Once you are enrolled, the certified nutritionist’s panel provides you with customised diet and workout plans. Once you are part of The Fit Indian community, everything from your sleep hours to food consumption, water intake and alcohol intake tracked. This helps you as well as your nutritionist to make the difference throughout the weight loss journey.

The online weight loss programs not only save you from the cost of visiting nutritionist but also the time spent in their clinic. It helps you to communicate with the nutritionist according to your time set. Enrol for any of the online weight loss programs in India and take a step towards a healthy and fit life.