How Can You Get Rid Of Negative Energy

Both negative and positive energy surround us, but some people tend to absorb more negativity that influences their well-being and mood. Negative energy limits the potential of living a purposeful life and the ability to do something great. In addition, it has a tangible effect on your physical and mental health. Not only negative energy pervades your mind and body but also people around you.

Many times, you unwillingly attract negativity in your life. The negativity is so ingrained in some people that they experience more sickness and stress and their life become miserable.

The key to happiness and peace of mind is to fill yourself with energy that is more positive and limit negative experiences.

To get rid of negative energy first, you need to acknowledge the signs of negativity to prevent the wrong diagnosis.

Signs that you have negative energy in your body

 The general indicators of negative energy entrapped in your body are as follows:



Mood swing



Seeing the world in a negative light

Out of control emotion


Stomach pain


Foggy mind

Feeling worn out

Constantly comparing yourself

When you see negative energy in everybody around, you need to check within yourself and see if you are the one you need to change your attitude.

It is very reasonable feet feel angry or sad from time to time, but when you start experiencing them more often it is clear that you are harbouring negative energy that needs to be cleared.

Tips to Get Rid of Negative Energy

1. Be grateful for whatever you have – The very first step is to give up on reality expectation and believe that we get what we need. Appreciate whatever life has given you instead of focusing on what you lack.

When we are grateful to the universe and appreciate everything small thing we have in our life that makes our life better, we shape our attitude towards selflessness and enter into the state of harmony. In addition, you will notice that more you thank the universe for whatever we have in our lives more we start receiving because we open ourselves to the idea of receiving instead of taking. Our life becomes positive and fulfilling.

2. Help others – Selfishness and negatively goes hand in hand. Who does not live for others miss the highest purpose of living? The primary way to create positivity and purpose in life is to start helping others. Even sparing a few minutes from your tight schedule to ask and ask someone “how he or she is?” and “how his or her day went?” is also a kind of help. By helping others, you get an intangible sense of value and appreciation that translates into positivity.

3. Surround yourself with positive people – Negativity is contagious. If you are surrounded with negative people, you will absorb their energy. It becomes difficult for you to be positive if you are surrounded by people who demonstrate negative behaviour.

Also, a very natural response when you become a positive person is that your existing friend’s either resist the change in you or appreciate the new you. This is why you need to cut the negative people from your life if you are on your journey to becoming positive. Surround yourself with positive people as they act as an accelerator and reflects their perspective on each other.

4. Stop playing the victim and take full responsibility for your actions –

By playing victim, you handicapped yourself. Not taking responsibility for your actions and blaming others is a negative thought pattern. Blaming others and circumstances handicap your decision and changes positivity into negativity.

Remember, only you are responsible for your thoughts and actions. We, as human, are the bestowed with unlimited potential to change our thinking, life and to create our reality. Internalize yourself, and you will discover that no one can make you do or feel anything. Only you choose your behaviour and emotional response to circumstances and people.

5. Stop seeing badly in others - Instead of seeing badly in others check yourself. Change your attitude. Be honest and get into a conversation with yourself. If you strongly believe that, the negative energy is coming from

someone else, then excuse yourself politely and walk away. 

6. Avoid working late night - You spend your whole day at work. By the end of the long day, you are physically and mentally depleted and develop tolerance to stress. This is why it is imperative to avoid adequate stress and avoid working late hours. Do not carry the load of work at home. Relax at home and recharge yourself. If you need to work at home, make a separate table area to work off-hours and make sure to take proper sleep.

7. Do not compare yourself with others – If we live in a state of constant comparison, we live a superficial life. Instead of comparing yourself to others recognise and appreciate yourself for whatever you have achieved and for the dignity with which you treat others. Appreciate yourself for the sacrifices you have made to achieve your goal, for your loved ones and your commitment. 

 8. Replace negative thoughts with positive thinking - Thinking is an ongoing process you need to calm your mind. Once you start with negative thoughts, it is tough to stop the thought process. The best is to replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Anytime you find yourself acting or speaking negatively, immediately change your tune. 

9. Come out of your past – Take your experiences as a lesson. Remember what good it taught you about life and forget the unhappy incidences. More we remember bad experiences more we allow negative energy to enter our lives. We cannot change the past, but we can work on our present that will shape our future. It is never late to give a new start to yourself. 

Last but not the least I would like to mention the famous quote by Lao Tzu ” Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become a habit. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.”