Simple Ways To Improve Your Analytical Skills

analytical skills

There is a great demand for analytical skills in most of the industries. No, doubt every employer is looking for an employee who can investigate the problem and find the ideal solution efficiently. The hiring manager looks for candidates who are able to use logical steps to judge and understand any issue from every angle before the execution of an action.

What Is Analytical Skill

The skill required to efficiently find the solutions to complex issues and make decisions in time is termed as analytical skill. It is one of the most common requirements in any job description.

In this article, we will learn in detail how to improve Analytical skill thinking.

Analytical skill thinking is defined as observing and researching any topic for an issue to develop complex ideas related to it.

The process of finding a solution requires trial and error, but strong analytical thinking make people analyse any problem or situation quickly and have the capability to work together in a team to accomplish specific goals. Analytical thinking results in additional knowledge ideas or solutions related to any topic or problem. The process of analytical thinking includes:

  • Identification of a problem, topic or an issue.
  • Gathering information related to the topic
  • Understanding the topic
  • Developing a solution
  • Testing new ideas or solutions based on your learning
  • Reviewing what solution worked, i.e. post analysis or assessment of your new knowledge.

The critical element to analytical thinking is your skill to identify the cause and effect relationship. This process should be quick. In addition, it includes the understanding of what might happen while the problem-solving process and the capability of examining new ideas related to the original topic.

Importance of Analytical Skills

Analytical skills are essential as it allows finding an appropriate solution to a problem and making decisions or taking an action. If you are looking for a job such as data analyst it is essential for you to build analytical thinking skills. Analytical thinking is a soft skill but also requires you to have hard skills depending on your industry. It is also required in roles such as nursing or scientific research where technical knowledge is required. Many other jobs such as architecture, computer programming, teaching and customer service also require the use of analytical thinking skills.

Analytical skills are necessary for gathering data, analysing it, making a rational decision and executing well to solve complex problem throughout projects. It is the skill every employee need to gain and sharpen to climb up the career ladder.

To be a successful leader or expert in any field, you need to communicate information as well as digest it. This ability of you, make you an essential part of any team. If you have, an excellent analytical skill you will not only be a good leader but also move to executive status quicker than others. Analytical skill is also needed to run your own business as it allows you to troubleshoot obstacles that come out ahead.

Analytical thinking skill is natural to some but others have to learn. To enhance your analytical skills, follow the step discussed below.

Tips to Improve Analytical Skills

Observe – Observe people around you, especially in your office. Use all your senses to see what is happening around you. Find out things that interest you and engage your mind actively in this process. Follow a simple rule observe more than you speak. In addition, notice your colleagues and different ways in which they handle things at their job. This way you will learn different perspectives and learn new ways to deal with your job.

Read Books– Read books to keep your mind active and running, which in turn improves your analytical thinking. Read everything that is available such as a journal, book or blogs. Not just business books or journals but read everything that interests you. Not just, read the books but digest the information and question whatever you are reading. Read aloud and highlight the points to stay engaged with the reading material.

Learn how the things work – Finding the solution is not enough; you need to know how the things work. Absorb the facts and information. Learning how the things work develops a better understanding of the process, which is essential to stimulate your analytical thinking skills.

Play brain games – One of the best way to improve your analytical skill is to play brain game such as a puzzles, crossword or Sudoku. Growing up games were an essential part of our daily schedule. Games broaden our imagination and improve creativity. Games are for fun, entertain us and make our brain to flex the muscles of critical thinking. As our creativity and thinking improve, we can look at the whole picture and develop strategies to plan the attack at the same time.

Keep learning – Learning is a lifelong process. Your brain should be continuously challenged, so do not settle to what you know but keep learning. Always be interested in knowing more facts.

Practice problem-solving skills – For every problem, there is a solution. You need to visualize and articulate in the presentation of the specific concept. Try to prepare more than one answer to any problem and do the test runs on all the solution to see which one is most logical.

Ask question – Do not hesitate to ask questions if you do not fully understand a slide in a meeting or function of your job. By not asking question, you miss an opportunity to learn. When you ask question you expose yourself to new information on knowledge to keep your mind sharp. Not only on the job but also ask questions of the job to gather further information that makes you rethink on your beliefs.

Participate in the debate Do not feel uncomfortable to be in the room with any person who does not share your opinion. Be vocal and passionate about your ideas. You do not need to avoid someone who does not share your opinion. Better lean into the discussion. The debate within the office provides you with the opportunity to consider different perspectives. When you hear different opinions you stimulate your brain in an effective and creative way because you are not only working on the business but also on yourself at the same time.

Maintain a journal – Make it a habit to write down journal dairy on how your workday went. Observe how well you did today, what new information you gathered or situation you confronted. Make sure to pen down your experience in a non-emotional way. Writing down a journal diary will help you to see your performance every day. You will be able to build and recognise the productive things to improve and meet the standard expected of the job.

Think before you execute your decision  It is vital to take decisions at work. Rationalize your decision and make an effort to analyze the pros and cons of your choice. Extensively research the topic and if required, ask for an expert opinion. It is always better to take a step back before you execute your decision, re-think a bit more, and then make the final decision. 

Just like any other skill, to develop analytical skills, you need to learn from your everyday experience, practice and apply. More you practice better you will be