All You Need To Know About Fat Protein Efficient

What is fat protein efficient?

Before we discuss about fat protein efficient diet let us first learn about metabolic type diet .

What is a metabolic type diet?

Not every diet works for everyone. Your diet is decided on how your body metabolizes food. In other words, every person has their own macronutrients need based on their metabolism. Thus, the metabolic diet type is based on how your body converts food into energy. As each of us burns calories at a different rate and the rate changes with time and activity, the metabolic diet type is different for all.

William Wolcott, in his book “Metabolic Typing Diet,” provides three metabolic types:

  1. Carbohydrate type: The ones who are carbohydrate types are slow oxidizers. Such individuals have relatively weak appetites. They have a high tolerance for sweets. Such people are dependent on caffeine. In addition, they have problems with weight management.
  2.  Protein types – Protein types are fast oxidizers. They crave for salty and fatty food. They are lethargic and frequently hungry. Such individuals are nervous and anxious people.
  3. Mixed types – Mixed types are neither slow nor fast oxidizers. Such people have an average appetite and have an average craving for starchy food and sweets. They tend towards nervousness, anxiety, and fatigue. In addition, such people have trouble with weight control.

To understand all three metabolic diet types, it is also essential for you to understand what is meant by, fast oxidizers, slow oxidizers, and mixed oxidizers.

Fast oxidizers – Fast oxidizers are fat protein efficient. Such people are able to digest fat and protein fastest in comparison to carbohydrates. They are best suited to a high fat, high protein, and low carbohydrate diet.

Slow oxidizers – Slow oxidizers digest carbohydrates faster than fat and proteins. They need high carbs, low fat, and a low protein diet.

Mixed oxidizers – Such people, are between slow and fast oxidizers. They can digest carbohydrates, protein, and fat at the same rate. 

Metabolic type is determined by the rate of digestion of fat, carbohydrate, and protein.

Unless and until you are able to determine your metabolic diet type that is unique to your body type, you will not be able to choose the diet that will work for you.

Now let us discuss in detail about fat protein efficient diet. 

What is meant by fat protein efficient? 

Individuals who can digest and convert energy best from high fat and high protein food and do not digest carbohydrates properly come under protein efficient diet type. Such people are frequently hungry. They crave for fatty and salty food and are usually tired, anxious, nervous hand stressed. 

Protein efficient metabolic type is the most common. About 75% of the population belongs to this metabolic type.

Benefits of being fat protein efficient

People with protein fat efficient metabolism has decreases risk for heart diseases and high cholesterol. Body of such individuals are well equipped to put on and maintain lean body mass.  Lean body mass shows to control blood sugar levels. It reaches the metabolism and keeps your bones and muscles strong. Due to the increased ability to utilize fat, there is an increase in HDL or good cholesterol and a decrease in bad cholesterol. Due to their ability to utilize proteins efficiently, their body puts on lean muscle tissue.

What should a fat protein efficient diet include?

The meal plan of efficient protein type should consist mostly of protein and moderate fats and carbohydrates.

It should include:

45-50 percent protein

20% natural fats or oils

30-35 percent whole carbohydrates.

* Keep in mind that our body needs all essential nutrients, and each metabolic type requires the same source of carbohydrates fats and proteins.

Thus, for each metabolic type:

Protein means seafood, egg poultry, meet, mental, seeds, nuts, and milk products.

Carbohydrates mean grains, fruit, and vegetables

Natural fats and oils mean oil, butter and seeds, nuts, and other fatty food.

Some of you may be wondering why to have 30-35 percent carbohydrates if you are a protein fat efficient type.

The reason behind this is our brain gets energy only through carbohydrates. If we decrease carbohydrate content right away to 25% of daily intake, that will strain organs of the digestive system and metabolism. This is why your dietician may choose to decrease your carbohydrates slowly.

Better, choose wholesome carbohydrates rich in dietary fiber and with a low glycaemic index. Eventually, remove yeast, gluten, and other starches.

Why should one plan a diet according to their metabolic diet type?

The digestion and assimilation of nutrients depend on your body type. If you do not provide yourself with a diet according to your metabolic type, you will not get proper nutrition. Improper nutrition leads to an increase in the level of triglycerides that further leads to a predisposition to unstable blood sugar. This increases the risk of diabetes, obesity, and heart diseases.

* For the list of healthy food sources of carbohydrates, protein and natural fats stay updated with our articles.

* The information provided in this article is solely for reading and knowledge. To know your metabolic diet type, consult a professional nutritionist or doctor, and discuss the potential risks and benefits.

Keep in mind that the metabolic diet will not work if you do not have a healthy relationship with your food. If your diet menu consists of processed sugar, refined carbs, and empty calories, you will not get the desired result.

In addition, the ratio of carbohydrate fat and protein changes on the type of exercise, activity level, and progress with the program. This is why diet should be plan only in the guidance of a professional nutritionist.