Vitamin D Foods

Vitamin D and calcium strengthens the bones and teeth. Nevertheless, do you know that vitamin D plays many other roles in our body?Vitamin D supports the nervous system, brain and immune system. It supports cardiovascular health and

Upward Curved Penis

Upward curved penis or banana penis may be bothersome. However, about 50 % of men have a slightly curved penis. It may be curved up, to the side, or down. However, if the curve is prominent, it limits the sexual positions, causes

Sephora India

Most of the beauty experts consider Sephora store the best place to find beauty and cosmetic products of trusted brands. In today's internet world we are blessed that even if Sephora store is not available in our city, we can shop its

Glycerin For Skin

Glycerin or glycerol is one of the oldest and safest ingredients used in most of the cosmetics such as lotions, creams, moisturizers, shampoo and conditioners. It is an odorless, gelatinous and tasteless, thick liquid that can be extracted