Is ESP Real

ESP is a gift of special sense that is beyond the physical world. Extrasensory perception means’ outside the senses’ and is a highly debated topic. It is defined as the ability to perceive and process the information that is independent of the five senses of touch, hearing, taste, sight and smell. It is the awareness of the world through the mechanism other than the five known senses, for example, sensing when a family member is in trouble or foreseeing the future. Extrasensory perception has an unlimited range. It seems not to be bounded time or place. Rather than bodily sensation, it is mostly experienced as thoughts. Yet there are arguments in support that it is not the mind that transmits ESP but perhaps the heart, the gut or through mysterious conscious. 

Types of ESP 

ESP is a collective term for a number of hypothetical mental abilities. 

Types of extrasensory perception care discussed below:

  1. Telepathy – Telepathy is one of the most searched and popular ESP. It is the ability of a person to read another person’s thought. Telepath is capable of communicating with another person without any sensory Input and only uses their mind.
  2. Retrocognition – Some people can see into distant past and recognise events, places and people from the past that has nothing to do with them. This ability is termed as retrocognition. Retrocognitive people are able to give accurate details of specific events that have taken place in past. 
  3. Precognition – Precognition is defined as the ability to see people, location and events that is going to happen in future. 
  4. Clairvoyance – Clair means clear, and voyant means seeing. Clairvoyance is the ability of a person to perceive information about a person, scenario, object or location in the present, future or past using their extrasensory means. 
  5. Telekinesis or psychokinesis – It is the ability of a person’s mind to affect other objects directly without using their physical energy. 
  6. Mediumship – Some people are able to communicate with dead channelling their spirits. 

ESP is to perceive something unavailable in that time or space for example, seeing something that has not happened yet or is happening in a different room or on the other side of our world. 

But is it for real? 

ESP is an area of research, but due to the absence of any substantial evidence and lack of clear theory, scientific community reject it. 

Sceptics believe that is not real however, parapsychologist are sure that extrasensory perception is real. In fact some parapsychologist believe that a lots of people show the sign of ESP but do not recognise it. Reason behind may be that most of the people are unable to differentiate between their own thoughts and thought that mind perceives.

We need to understand the fact that the concept behind human existence is expanding and we are unaware of any limit.

So do you believe in ESP?

Have you experienced ESP?

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