9 Of The Best Free Screen Recording Software for Windows

A screen recording software has many useful applications. These applications are of varied types like making tutorials or creating a walkthrough for a video game and more.

By recording it means you will make a video of whatever is on your screen or desktop. The video made by recording your screen can be uploaded to YouTube for many more opportunities like making money.

Taking a screenshot is something that’s common but recording your screen on a video will provide you great resource and your presentation can be more than useful. Today we will be sharing eight free screen recorder programs that can capture the screen of your Windows PC.

You will always find some drawbacks and limitations while using free screen capture software like watermarks, but in this list we have tested all the software, and they do not leave watermarks. Moreover, they allow exporting videos in a recognizable format that can be used in a video editing software at a later stage.

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9 Best Screen Recording Software

1. Ezvid


Ezvid has simple, effective user interface where you can record screen and edit video from the built-in editor. The editing can perform actions like splitting recordings, adding text between clips, making a slideshow with extra effects and more. However, you cannot export your video, you have to upload it to YouTube from the software itself.

2. Screenr


Screenr is an online web application where no software is installed on your PC, and the only requirement to this app is Java, which is required to be installed on your system. You will be able to record an area you select on your screen and the video you made can be uploaded to YouTube plus export option with MP4 extension is also available. You can start using Screenr by registering an account with social networking sites like – Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.

It allows only five mins of recording for one video.

3. BlueBerry FlashBack Express Recorder


With the ability to record screen plus record your face from the webcam while making the video is what this BlueBerry Flashback Express Recorder can do. You will get your recorded file in FBR extension that can be editing with the video editing software packaged inside. If you do not need your facial expression while recording your screen you can simply disable your webcam, and a file (with .AVI extension) can be exported right away. You will be prompted for free registration after the initial 30 days of usage. All the extension

4. CamStudio


Its one of the most well equipped and featured pack screen recorder out there. Camstudio will let you enable/disable mouse cursor, record your sound via microphone, add custom annotations, only record part of the screen you select, recording at different frame rates, etc. All of these make this software highly useful and resource friendly.

5. Webinaria


Record software demonstrations and tutorials. Publish in Flash, show on our website or yours. Receive grades, comments and share with distinct.

Rest of the Best Screen Recording Software

6. Rylstim Screen Recorder


Rylstim Screen Recorder provides recording events appearing on the monitor, incorporating the mouse pointer plus the visualization of the usual and right clicks of the mouse keys. The initial installation does not require any special talents; you can get commenced with video recording as early as you have chosen the necessary video codec.

7. DVDVideoSoft


With nine icons in the user interface, this screen recorder is pretty straightforward. All those icons have specific usage like the first four icons will capture screen and last four will record screen, and the ninth icon will give you options for editing. You can export videos in .AVI format, and can add date, time

8. Krut Computer Recorder


Another Java run program that doesn’t need any installation. You just need to run a KRUT.jar file and start the program. You will find many options like selecting the captured area, recording frames per sec. A good to be tried on a PC.

9. Jing


Recording you screen is easy on Jing, which is a web-baed service and videos are limited to 5 mins length. It has many useful features compared to the above software and also has instant option to upload video to Screencast.com

Which are your favorite free screen recorder software? Have you used any of these above, what’s are your experiences with them. Let us know which one do you consider the best.

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    Thanks for the informative post. You left off one of the better products – My Screen Recorder Pro is simply amazing. Give it a try, and consider adding it to your list above.

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