What is Domain Authority and How to Improve It Gradually?

Domain Authority is a website ranking score in a search engines, which is developedby Moz (a SEO software company). So, basically it determines which website rankings are higher in various search engines like Google.

Its measured on a 100-point scale, means 1 being worst and 100 being the best.SaveDelete.com’s Domain Authority is 40.

To check your website’s Domain Authority you can useOpen Site ExplorerandMozBar(a toolbar for browsers).

How to Improve your Domain Authority?

Moz has 40+ factors to determine authority of a website and working on these factors will certainly improve your domain authority score.

These factors include:

  • Count of Backlinks.
  • MozRank.
  • MozTrust.
  • Other unknown factors.

The most important factor is gaining high quality backlinks, and your website domain authority will improve. As I have discussed before, getting links from other domains is not that easy and you have to work hard to gain them.

Either you hire an SEO company (high risk and expensive) or you can do content marketing (no risk and takes time).

what is domain authority?

My advice would be to do content marketing anddon’t spend on those whacky SEO companies that guarantees you a higher rank in few months. SEO is all about taking time to build your content and backlinks, the more good content you make the higher the probability of people linking it themselves.

Now, we know what is domain authority and how to improve your domain authority it’s time to learn about content marketing.

Domain Authority is sure a good metrics developed by Moz, but still everything is being done to gainhigher position in search engines.

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