The Most and The Least Important – Google Ranking Factors

Googleranking factors are known to be at a of count around 200, so if you want to improve search engine ranking,these factors are essential.

I am NOT going to list all the 200 factors here, which almost nobody knows, most of the Google ranking factors are speculation of hundreds and thousands of optimizers, analysts and influencers.

From all that I can gather, I have formulated this list that comprises of very important and not very important factors.

Let’s start.

Very Important Factors

1. Keyword in Title Tag: See on-page SEO

2. Keyword in other meta tags – Description, H1

3. LSI keywords – to distinguish meaning of a word that has more than one meaning . Like an Apple (fruit) and Apple(Company).

4. Page loading speed – the faster the better

5. Rel=Canonical

6. Content Updates – is your content up to date?

7. Keyword usage in start – In 100 words your keyword should be

8. Outbound link in numbers – don’t provide dofollow links in large numbers, as it may leak the pagerank.

9. URL should have the Keyword

10. Layout and Design (Also see -Best Blog Sites)

11. TrustRank and Domain Trust

12. Structured Sites Perform Well

13. Uptime – server should be good

14. Domain Authority of backlink’s page


Not Very Important Google Ranking Factors

But still these factors are considered.

1. Domain Age

2. Keyword in top level domain – If your domain name has keyword, it good.

3. Domain length

4. Keyword in subdomain

5. Exact match domain – these can be risky, asthese are made for keywords only and less user value.

6. Public WhoIs is good over Private

7. Keyword Density

8. Keywords in H2, H3

9. Quality of Outbound link

10. Spelling plus Grammar (Also see – proofreading services)

11. Internal Links

12. Broken links should be minimum

13. Reading Level– this should be appropriate and can make a difference.

14. Affiliate Links – Lesser affiliate link are good to go.

15. HTML / CSS Code Validation

16. Server Location

17. Privacy policy and terms of service

18. Breadcrumb navigation.

19. Mobile Friendly

20. Usability of Site

21. Google Tools like Analytics and Webmaster tool can bring notice to Google about your site’s behavior andbacklinks.

22. Alt text and Anchor text

All of these above Google ranking factors are formulated according my knowledge and experience, so don’t think these are ultimate. Do perform experiments as it’s all about taking risks.

What are your thoughts on these ranking factors? Have your say below in comment section.