All you need to know about Social Media Optimization

When it comes to ranking of a website, search engine optimization plays a vital role. However, social media optimization has gained importance over the years when it comes to the success of a website. Now, social signals play a key role in SEO of the website. Social media marketing, as well as optimization, of the website, have become equally important.

When it comes to online businesses or e-commerce websites, social media optimization is quite important as customer reviews and recommendations play a key role in the decision-making of potential customers when they buy products online. Also, social media is quite essential to build the brand of the business. With social media, a business can propagate its philosophy, products, and services to synergies with the requirements of the target customer. Social media helps in presenting the personalized characteristics of business. It can result in lead generation as well as help in increasing sales.

Meaning of social media optimization

Well, it is a technique which is used to promote your product or services along with building a brand of your business on different social media channels. It includes social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, video sites like YouTube, social bookmarking sites like Reddit and much more. With Google Panda and Penguin update release, social media influence now plays a great role in building the trust factor as well as the authority of your website. Social media optimization deals with the proper optimization of posts which are made on various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc. which builds the brand of the business.

Difference between search engine optimization and social media optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO essentially means targeting user traffic via search engines which include on page as well as off page optimization. When it comes to social media optimization or SMO, it is actually on page optimization. It includes fast, scalable posts. It essentially deals with posting content on social media pages with the aim to convey messages to the target audience.

In order to do SMO, one should create a list of social media websites which you will be targeting. You should select those websites which are best suited as per your niche.

Steps to do Social Media Optimization

In order to start with social media optimization, you should first make a plan of how to approach these social media websites. A comprehensive plan will yield better results and better return on investment. Select the social media websites which are better suited for your products or services. If you have an online store of clothes, then you should target social websites such as Facebook and Pinterest where you can showcase your collection with images of your products. If you are news broadcasting company, then Twitter is the best medium to provide customized news in limited characters at regular intervals. YouTube is also a preferred social media channel for such businesses.

Most of the visitors on social media websites such as Reddit and Digg are mostly those people who quickly search for news and donít stay for long. In order to attract these people, you have to offer something worthwhile which will reduce the bounce rate and keep them interested. Make them browsing around within the website using various related articles as well as internal linking.

There are three important factors which are the basis of social media optimization.

Create Valuable Content

If your content is unable to cater to the requirement of the customers irrespective of country, caste or any religion, then donít target social media. When it comes to social media, the articles or posts should be based on proper research as well as well-documented data. Your audience wonít believe in your business or your product if you canít provide them valuable information about your product with supporting data. If you have a blog, provide proper reference articles and data links to prove that your website has the right information. Then you can use social media tools to circulate that content on various social channels at the most suitable time according to your network.

Impressive Website design

Most customers prefer to stay on the websites which are easier to navigate. Whether it is a blog or website, its design plays an important role in lowering down the bounce rate and hence get more vote on these websites. If your website is unattractive and clumsy, then it will lead to downvotes which will reflect poorly on your brand. Ensure that the ease of navigation in your website is seamless as well as there is less advertisement since it is preferred by social media crawlers. We prefer that you use white or light blue background in your website design to keep things clear and let your product or article stand out.

Navigation of Content

As previously mentioned that content is the key to the success of any website, the ease of readability also plays a key role in it. If a website as images, lists, data as well as stats then they do best with social media website. In case you are posting an article, make sure that you have broken it into proper categories so that the reader can easily navigate the article. Try to gauge the reading pattern of the average users. There are many websites which provide valuable research data on how to make an article more readable and attractive. Before submitting an article on social media, you can ask any top user from that social media website and ask for his opinion. Taking feedback from experts also helps in creating an article which is easy to read. You should ask your followers to provide their feedback on the social media channels. There comments will help you improve both your content and its appearance.

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Many people get successful in driving quality traffic from social media websites, but most of the time they fail to present their best post. It is important to link those posts to a special dedicated post of your best articles. You can use social media channels to send this information about the list of your best articles which will increase the readership.

Social media optimization is going to becoming a major factor in driving traffic to any website. With increasing use of social media users, approaching billions, social media signals will always play a crucial role in the success of a company and its brand. It is important to keep updated with latest trends in social media. Social media optimization will be the key for future of the websites.

So, here we end our take on social media optimization. Hope, we have covered all the important aspect related to it. We would like to know about your views and opinions. Leave your valuable comments in the section below.