The Hardest Part of Blogging – Revealed and Solved

In recent bloggers meet in my city, I got one question which is always asked to me is what should you blog about? What is a profitable niche?

My first answer to this is “do you want to make money online or just want to write for the sake of it?”

Most of the time bloggers don’t know what to blog about, and it’s a common thing, you are not alone, many bloggers face it.

Do solve this issue, there is a simple solution, you just need to find what you love.

Which is again a big problem, people don’t know what they actually love?

So, to solve this puzzle, I usually have an answer telling people about the thing you don’t get bored doing.

If you can answer questions like – which is the thing you can read about till 3 AM? or which is the thing that can wake you up willingly at 4 AM? or may be what is the thing people compliment you about? I think these answers will find you something that you can start working on.

So, before moving ahead and making a marketing plan for your blog, decide and check whether your topic is likeable to you?

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I am sure you will find and then build an empire once you find your real passion.

Famous bloggers like Arianna Huffington, who sold her blog in $300 million was passionate about her topic, and you just need to focus on yours.

So, take a day or two, think about what comes easily to you? what are those activities that give you high energy? And you will find your niche, your topic to blog upon.

And to answer which niche will make you more money is the same thing you are passionate about.

Now it’s your turn, if you have already found your passion, tell us how did you get it?