70 Most Creative Advertisements Ever

Advertisement work on a simple rule that says, the first impression is the last impression. Hours of thinking and creativity will go wasted if an advertisement cannot get attention. The first few seconds are crucial, and it does not matter if the ad is an online ad or an offline (print ad).

People usually look for something out of the box, and they expect extra from the ordinary, something laughable or may be something that make you look twice.

Today, we will share 50 most creative advertisements created ever. This list does not end here, and it is totally my viewpoint. However, as an audience, I would like to see more ads that are intelligent enough to grab the eyeballs.

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FedEx Kinkos

Wonderbra – You have 918915 friend requests

Nissan Cube Advertisement

CareerBuilder.com – Don’t Jump

Skin Cancer Towel

Berlitz Language School – Now you understand English

The Naval Museum of Alberta

Nike Cars Advertisement

Nikon S60 Camera – Detects up to 12 faces

WINZIP Compressed House

Ecovia: Stop the Violence

Nothing can replace a tree.

Drunk superheroes

BMW Advertisement

Rolling Stone

WPPED Cream Elevator Award

Frontline – Tick Spray


Weight Watchers

Nescafe Advertisement

Samsung MP3 Player

Neglected/ Invisible Children

Orion Telescopes

Australia Post


Nike Advertisement

McDonald’s Pole

Australia Post Personalized


Nestle Advertisement


Life Is Too Short for the Wrong Job


Starwars III

King Khalib Foundation: Some Things Can’t Be Covered

Mini Advertisement

Kleenex Soap Dispenser

Queen Bee Salon and Spa

The Fitness Company

Hopi Hari Advertisement


Elm Grove Police Department: Slower is Better

WWF – Even small donations can help save wildlife.

Sprite Ice Blue

K-Swiss Advertisement

2012. We Were Warned



McDonald’s Bus Stop Advertisement

Nikon D700: Papparazzi


Woodland Shoes Advertisement


Pantene Anti-Breakage Shampoo: Rapunzel



Outdoor Stunt by Goodyear

Swiss Skydive Elevator

Mini Cooper

Peta Advertisement


Panasonic nose trimmer


BIC Razor Advertisement

Formula Toothcare Bite

3M Security Glass

Mercedes Advertisement

Imodium AD Toliet Tissue

Denver Water

Canon Advertisement

iPod and iTunes


Kill Bill Advertisement