Best Bluetooth Speakers – The Top Eight Speakers We Recommend

Bluetooth Speakers are a compact and portable form of speakers. You can connect them wirelessly to your cell phone or laptop and stream music wherever you want to. They are a super gadget as they can be used anywhere inside your home – from the kitchen to bath. Best partner for those outside poolside parties or just a barbeque brunch with friends and family. They are perfect for Podcasts, and you can use them as hands-free. So, why to listen to music on your not-so-good smartphone speaker when you can have this wonderful upgradation of audio.

We have picked up some of the Best Bluetooth Speakers worth considering.

1. Bose Soundlink Revolve+

An attractive lantern that gives awesome sound. It has a beautiful cylindrical shape and gives an omnidirectional audio. A 360 degree sound lantern that sounds just the best in its class. It might be on the expensive side, but it is worth its price when it comes to its audio capabilities and design. It can be played much louder than the others in line. Its sound quality is superb, the reason being its deeper and better Bass. Their small size has its limitations but is perfect for an average room size. Just the best companion to your bedroom silence, kitchen mess job, a barbeque brunch with friends or a pep up for those beautiful bonfire nights.

It has a powered battery, and the sound remains the same in both the cases. This beautiful gadget comes in two colors; black and white. Bose Revolve Plus comprises of the microphone which makes it suitable to be used as a speakerphone. The devices that are compatible with it can be paired using NFC tap-to-pair technique. This Bluetooth Speaker can be paired wirelessly using the app from Bose.

This beauty is surely worth its price and is the best amongst the battery powered portable Bluetooth speakers.

2. UE Wonderboom

Here comes a waterproof Bluetooth speaker which is even shockproof. It is superb in the means of sound. This piece has been designed with an idea to get high sound with a great bass from a cute compact design.

The battery can survive up to 10 hours, which is quite helpful when coming to battery powered speakers. It has UE buttons at the top of it which helps you with its functioning. It can be only connected wirelessly, as there are no auxiliary options available at all; but itís true if we say the wireless range is pretty good, ranging up to 100 foot.

It is a cute, little fat but lightweight speaker. It comes with a hook above it which will help you to hang it in, while you are enjoying your shower. Yes, it is waterproof, but that is not giving it the power to sound inside water, the waterproof here means that if it falls in a pool, it will float and will not get affected and will sound as nice as before. You can always rinse it with water if you feel it has caught some dirt over it.

Now, comes it’s shock resistant power, which keeps it perfectly fine if dropped from up to 5 feet. It comes with a warranty of two years.

There are certain limitations, as with few music tracks you might feel the sound is distorted but that is usually for the higher bass versions. You can double up the sound by connecting it with another UE WONDERBOOM speaker. There is no speakerphone capability due to lack of integrated microphone in its designing. This speaker is not very traveling friendly as it is little big.

If the prices of UE Wonderboom comes down a little then surely it is amongst the best buy options.

3. Bose SoundLink Color II

Compact and very durable sequel of Boseís Sound Color Bluetooth speaker. With an affordable price, it offers improved sound and comes with various color options.

This speaker has a superb soft touch rubber all around it which gives it a beautiful design and an impressive finish. It has NFC tap-to-pair technique, so can be paired with all the devices that support it and almost eight devices are kept in its history of connectivity.

It has a decent battery life of eight hours when apparently played on medium volume. This does not make it a very good but for its price its pretty good. Another bonus feature is water Ė resistance. This means that it can drench up in water or rain, not exactly designed to be immersed in water. But quite a good idea to have a small pool party with this speaker around.

The only problem is that this cover attracts loads of dust, so it is required to be dusted time-to-time.

Little annoying for few but Bose Sound Link ll does not comes with an AC adapter, the speaker is USB powered.

The sound of Bose Sound Color is really very good for its price. For a small indoor party, it is a superb companion, while for a bigger area it has its limitations. Fewer songs that sound little distorted at the higher volumes but otherwise it sounds very excellent for classical music and Jazz.

Bose is just the best when it comes to sound quality.


This is one of the best JBL has offered so far in the range of the portable Bluetooth speaker. It comes with superb sound quality and long lasting battery life. Although the looks of this Bluetooth speaker are little deceptive as it has little similarity to Flip 3, but it is bigger and little heavier to it.

A bonus feature of JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth speaker is that you can keep it up vertically or horizontally as per your choice. You can hang it while having a shower or to any of the branches in your backyard for a party with the help of its removable lanyard.

It has an excellent battery life of up to 12 hours when played at the medium volume levels, which makes it quite a good companion for some travel options.

The good part of JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth speaker is that it has a speakerphone that has the option of noise as well as echo cancellation. It has voice assistant integration which means you can easily access SIRI as well as GOOGLE NOW.

This beautiful piece has a fabric and rubber covering to it that makes it very durable. JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth speakers come with six different color options, and all are really amazing.

JBL Flip 4 is the best that Flip has offered so far, it may not be very loud like many other or may be its competents have a little more battery life, but certainly, if you want to save your money this is the best buy for you.

5. Harman Kardon GO+Play II

If you are looking for a large and durable Bluetooth speaker, then Harman Kardon Go+ Play2 is definitely for you. This speaker has picked up the glory of iPod docks.

This Bluetooth speaker gives the best sound for the tracks that have tons of bass. Amongst all its competitors it has the highest sound of the scales. Battery life for this is almost eight hours at the medium sound levels, which is quite decent for its price.

Harman Kardon Go+ Play2 Bluetooth speaker has a metal handle, which makes it quite easy and free to carry. You can use this Bluetooth speaker like the main hi-fi as its sound will be good enough for your BBQ.

It can be just connected through Bluetooth and not to Wi-Fi which may sound little drawback for few, but its sound coverupís for it.

It may be huge than the other of the same segment, but it is designed beautifully. You would love to keep it. It might look big but is quite less in weight which makes it very easy to carry around the house.

It has an auxiliary input and can be used as a speaker phone. You can charge your cell phone as well with the help of USB cable.

Harman Kardon Go+ Play 2 is for those who just want the best and clear from the Bluetooth speaker.

6. MINIRIG Bluetooth Portable Speaker

This one is outstanding for its battery life. None of the competitors can beat or even touch its capability of battery life ranging up to 50 hours and averaging to 30 hours when played on medium volume.

This is a beautifully designed, very compact and cute Bluetooth speaker. In spite of being a mono, it has an excellent sound quality and audio levels.

The first look of this MINIRIG Bluetooth Portable speaker will make you fall in love with it. It looks beautiful yet is very strong and durable. It can be connected via Bluetooth to your laptop or mobile. It has an option of wired connectivity as well.

MINIRIG Bluetooth Portable Speaker is a waterproof speaker, which means that it can surely survive rain, a few splash of water at a pool party, or few drops when you carry it to shower. But be careful of not losing it inside the pool, although it can be kept on the damp grass when you are on your yoga mat. It has a very rough and tough design keeping it waterproof as well.

You can connect two Minirig devices together to get enhanced audio. It comes with a carry case, which makes it easy for the user to carry a cable and the Minirig Bluetooth speaker together. This is a beautiful foam carry case that even protects your speakers and with this even you can hang it around anywhere. This even ensures you of not losing the cable.

So, MINIRIG Bluetooth Portable Speaker according to us is much more powerful mono speaker than any other of its stereo alternatives.

7. Bose Sound Link Mini ll

This Bluetooth speaker is just the best in class for the room- filling. Bose SoundLink Mini ll is a very small and compact Bluetooth speaker with excellent sound quality. Definitely, it is not as small and compact to be carried in your pocket, but surely the size is minimized as much to keep the sound quality intact.

It has a mighty bass which will not distort for most of the high ranging soundtracks. The Bose Sound Link Mini II is worth its price with the simple yet matured looks of aluminum brick that can be gripped easily in one of your hands.

The issue with the aluminum covering is that it shows up the damage very easily, so you can buy a rubber cover for it to keep it much safer and protected, plus it enhances the look of it.

The Bonus feature of Bose Sound Link Mini II is that it comes with a charging dock and can be easily charged with the charger with used to charge any of the Android handsets. So, you donít need to carry its charger separately. The charging point is available on speaker and the dock both, an external battery can also be used to charge up Bose Sound Link Mini II.

It can be used as a speakerphone to your cellphones as it is enabled with a microphone to it. It does not support NFC tap-to-pair technology.

Bose Sound Link Mini ll is amazingly powerful and bassy speaker for its price worth the buy.

8. Anker SoundCore Mini

With an amazing voice and small attractive design, Anker’s SoundCore Mini is one of the best Bluetooth speakers at the moment. It has quite a neat design which looks quite attractive to everyone. It has a clear design, and the placement of the buttons are perfect which lend it a beauty which is great to look at.

One of the most remarkable things about this speaker is its amazing battery life. It can entertain you for as long as 15 hours and in case you are spending time outside, then you can certainly feel this feature to be the best one.

We have just wrapped up the options for you, to get the best in quality sound.