Best Productivity Apps

Owing to latest innovations and offering that is made in mobile technology in recent years along with increasing reliance on remote working, a lot of businesses are now using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to assist them in operating and managing their day to day operations and dealing with their customers and providing them support.

At general, the reliance on personal computers for a variety of tasks are now over; the businesses can manage all their work using their iPhone, iPad or even Android. Whether it is about organizing meetings, reading hundreds of emails, meeting tough deadlines, etc., the importance of mobile has become undeniable. In most cases, applications or apps are now transforming the way we go through our lives and work in many various ways.

By downloading the best and right apps which fit your business requirement, you can boost your productivity and improve your operations. There are many apps which help the team members to better coordinate and accomplish tasks. At present, there are a variety of apps to manage different aspects of business, from product management, customer support to accounting. Here, we will discuss the important productivity apps which are currently available in the market-many of them are web-based which can be utilized via your mobile.

1. Boomerang

(Android/IOS, free/from $5)

When it comes to managing important emails, the arrival of emails is quite a tough task. Boomerang is a plugin for various email clients such as Gmail, Outlook, and Android which allows the user to temporarily dismiss emails from the inbox, to present themselves at different time or days so that you can deal with them effectively. It also allows you to pause your inbox completely and even suspend the arrival of emails when you are busy, and you can even schedule your outgoing messages which will be sent at a certain specific time. It comes with 10 free uses per month, followed by monthly subscription which starts at $5.

2. Doodle

(Android/IOS, free)

It is quite a useful website and a mobile application which assists in scheduling meetings as well as events. You can easily setup list of possible dates along with times, and then the invitees can just drop by the Doodle website and opt for the options that fit them. It allows you to look at the availability of people and as recipients don’t have to make their own accounts on Doodle, it is a smoothest among the productivity apps. It can be connected to Google for Outlook calendar for better and easier scheduling. This provide easy maintenance of events and meetings which assists in better planning.

3. FocusList

(macOS, $4.99, IOS, £4.99)

Along with to-do lists, this app for iOS and MacOS allows you to plan your day along with segmenting it into stream of timed tasks, As the countdown timer appears, it encourages you to follow the “Pomodoro Technique” of dealing in different 25-minute sessions with 5 minute breaks in midst, in order to keep you productive and taking off the load on your brain. At the day’s end, you can review the amount of time you have taken on different tasks and with this productivity app, you can track your performance over weeks and months.

4. FocusWriter

(MacOS, $5)

It is a basic word processor for Linux, MacOS, and Windows which allows to keep you away from distractions, to make you focus on your different task. It has an empty screen apart from your text, and if you wish, you can have an appealing background, as well as controls and menus which are nicely placed at the screen edges. It comes with in-built spell-checking and word-count functions along with time to help you to stick to a schedule and the various files can be saved as per industry standard plain text, ODT or RTF formats. It is among various productivity apps which increase your handling of tasks with ease.

5. Genius Scan

(Android, from £0.99/IOS, free)

This app turns your iOS or Android device into a personal document scanner. In case you have a receipt, a contract or any other important paper, you can just use your camera phone, and this app will convert it to a great-quality PDF which can be easily archived. Color correction along with perspective can be automatically applied, and its batch mode allows you to quickly capture different multiple page documents. It comes with a Premium edition version that costs at $8 which adds the ability to upload these PDFs to any cloud services such as Google Drive. It helps you in keeping record of various physical papers in organized form and saves you time and effort in longer run.

6. Inbox by Gmail

(Android/IOS, free)

If you are getting overwhelmed by various emails, then this app allows you to better manage your Gmail account. With links, attachments and other important information which can be automatically extracted from any incoming messages, you can also process an email which will be archived and consequently removed from your view. You can also easily create a timed to-do reminders, and different items can be temporarily snoozed for you to take action at later times. The companion apps for iOS and Android usually means that you can keep your productivity and in case you don’t like it, you can easily switch back to the traditional Gmail.

7. Grammarly

(Chrome/Firefox, from $30 per month)

Almost all web browsers now come with spell checker which allow you to avoid typos which can be embarrassing, but when it comes to grammar errors, it is quite tough. This plugin for Firefox and Chrome automatically show common mistakes and even suggests corrections as you type. It allows you to upload and pre-written documents for easier analysis and get pointers to assist you in improving your written language. Its premium service with subscription at whopping $30 per month or $140 per year, allows you to check subtle mistakes and even provides you style advice. It is among the best productivity apps solving your grammatical mistakes and problems.

8. join.me

(Android/IOS, free)

Since there is no apparent shortage of various teleconferencing services, this one is quite the one to know about. It allows you to host meetings with its website and you don’t require to download or configure and software. It does come with Android and iOS apps. Along with audio and video, this service supports a virtual whiteboard and a screen-sharing feature. Its free service supports three participants meeting, and for premium plans, you can allow at max 50 users along with scheduling and recording tools.

9. oTranscribe

(Chrome, free)

It is a good habit to record meetings, or any lecture as transcribing them can be quite tough. Its website allows you to type as you listen and even comes with shortcuts to either slow down or pause the audio without any need of taking your hands off the keyboard. Its editor is rudimentary, however, it is easier than constantly switching back and forth between various applications. It easily works with MP3, WAV files, and even YouTube videos and doesn’t require any uploading to the cloud which keeps the privacy and security. It saves time for transcribing the audio and videos which will help you in your learning and managing your records.

10. Papier

(Chrome, free)

It is lightweight Chrome extraction which replaces the default “New Tab” page and puts an interactive notebook. By simply clicking and typing notes or pasting interesting links; it provides support for basic formatting which includes headings and subheadings, and it allows you to tick-boxes to create a list of to-do items. It takes away the pain of saving and syncing, and next time you open a new tab, your notes will be present there.

11. RescueTime

(Android, macOS, Linux, Windows, free)

In case you are wondering how you spent your day, then this app will come quite handy. It is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux and it does run in the background. It then tracks your application as well as website usage. It also generates reports to find out where your time is being spent and helps you in achieving productivity goals like spending just an hour on social media website. It is among the best productivity apps. It comes with $9 subscription per month, a premium edition which also gives you alert when you are spending more time on any app, and it also helps you track the time you spent away from the computer. It saves your valuable time with the better management of, apps.

Here’s a comprehensive review of RescueTime.

12. Shyft

(IOS, $2.99)

Don’t get confused with other time-management apps which comes by the same name; this app is iOS only and a to-do tool which helps you attain work and life balance. It helps you maintain two types of task lists, one for professional things and one for personal. You can also use the swipe or 3D touch gestures to add, edit, defer and even completed tasks. However, it isn’t a feature packed Todoist, but it has reminders and interactive notifications which you will require, and it is quite handy for students and freelancers who work on irregular schedules.

13. Slack

(Android/IOS, free)

It is an instant-messaging as well as a file-sharing app which changes the way teams collaborate. Various messages along with files can be easily exchanged using the website or apps for all type of desktop and mobile devices. It is quite easy to send private as well as public messages. You can also set up forums for any project you specify. It can also handle video and voice calls.

14. Todoist

(Android/IOS, free)

It is a feature packed to-do list platform and allows you to create tasks as well as subtasks, and you can attach priority labels. You can also share and discuss items with your team members, family and friends, and setup recurrent events. It can be accessed via the Todoist website or variety of native apps and supports Amazon Echo and Google Home which allows you to use voice commands in order to add and check list items. It is among the top productivity apps to maintain your daily schedule and sticking to your routine.

15. Trello

(Android/IOS, free)

It is a great tool to manage team workflows with ease. The tasks can be visualized as cards which can also be grouped into boards and then assigned to any individual and allows you to see who is working on what. These cards can also be updated with comments as well as links, attachments, and other important information and provide automatic notifications which keep the team members in the loop. It’s paid plan comes with enhanced security and larger attachment sizes. It’s free edition is powerful enough for most of the organizations.

16. Any.do

(Android, iOS: Free)

Since most of the busy people usually forget their daily tasks, this app helps you in keeping up to your schedule on track with to-do list along with reminders and notes. It provides the ability to share lists as well as assign tasks to others. This app allows you to sync between phone, web, desktop, and web. It has a voice-entry feature which allows you to add items to your task list, just by speaking. It comes with calendar integration for better task list management. It is among the best productivity apps which boost your productivity with its cross-platform support for various sub tasks, notes, and even file attachments.

17. Just Press Record

(iOS: $4.99)

It is a versatile one-tap recording app for iPad, Apple watch, and iPhone users and adds useful features such as in-built transcription features allowing to take notes easily. Users can also record from a long press on the app icon even from a lock screen or notification widget. This app can easily transcribe speech with support to different languages along with spoken punctuation commands. The recordings can be easily sorted by date and time and even names manually.

18. MyScript Nebo

 (iOS: Free)

It is feature-rich note taking app which is built in line with Apple Pencil and iPad. With its MyScript’s Interactive Ink technology, Nebo automatically easily parses handwritten notes into text which allows you to easily format your text. You can also add extras such as emphasis, bullet points, underlining, mathematical notations and even picture annotation. The users can even write equations and calculate and even export to LaTeX, also export text into MS Office documents and search through you notes quickly.

19. WPS Office

(Android, iOS: Free)

Formerly known as Kingsoft Office, this is another famous mobile office suite especially if you want an all-in-one app for slideshows, presentations as well as word processing. It supports a wide range of file formats such as .dox, .ppt and .xls and is a great office suite for both viewing as well as creating documents. The tabbed document editing provides you the ability to work on easily and also cross-reference many files, and with cloud support through Google Drive and other services, you can easily save and share your various documents online. It is one of the top productivity apps for dealing with presentations and slideshows.

20. Adobe Acrobat Reader

(Android, iOS: Free)

It is highly functional annotation app with which the users can easily rely on for viewing and signing their PDFs. You can open PDF from email or the web or any app that supports sharing as you scroll, search, zoom in and zoom out. You can easily add comments on PDFs using sticky notes and use drawing tools and even highlight and mark up text with annotation tools. You can easily fill PDF forms by simply typing the text into different fields and you can use your finger in order to sign any document. You can share and save documents through free Adobe Document Cloud account. In-app purchases allow you to create PDFs, reorder pages as well as convert MS office files and images.

21. Notion

(Android, iOS: Free)

This app uses AI to help you make sense out of your inbox of email. Its algorithms take into your email history in the account and learn which messages are important for you and highlight them for better reference in your inbox. Its Radar feature focuses in on messages which require urgent replies boosting your productivity. With search features, customizable notifications, it comes with swipe control which you can personalize. It includes Alexa skills that provide you the ability to listen to important emails and even organize your messages through the smart speaker system of Amazon. It supports Gmail, G Suite, IMAP email services as well as Office 365. It is one of the best productivity apps for managing your inbox efficiently and increase your productivity by many folds.


(Android, iOS: Free)

In case you are wasting a lot of time with many similar types of or repetitive internet tasks, or you just wish to automate tasks on your smartphone then try this app. It comes with a wide range of pre-built applets which automate various tasks such as backing up photos to cloud accounts, sending messages to friends or family in case you wish to ask them their choice of food or making your smart lights to turn on when you are back to your home. Users can also build custom tasks using the applets and services offered, combining many tasks and triggers in an “If This, Then That” structure.

23. Accompany

(iPhone: Free)

This app brings together the contact management features along with calendar which helps you in meeting your best goals. You just have to sign up for the service with your work email account and this app turns itself into you mobile secretary by assembling detailed profiles for people as well as companies in your upcoming meetings and events, which you can view on the move or even consult in an Executive Briefing which is emailed to you the night before any event. You can also look up any type of last communications with your contacts along with their social media posts or news posts which feature them as well as their company profiles. You can also see financial reports and news and keep yourself up to date.

24. Email by EasilyDo

(Android, iOS: Free)

This app tries to be your all-in-one email solution which takes in all of the incoming emails from various accounts and then automatically categorizes the messages into easy-to-manage groups like travel, bills, packages, etc. In addition to quick email categorization, it also provides unsubscribe feature for easily unsubscribing from various bulk emails. It offers real time travel notifications which immediately let you know about travel related messages such as flight details along with a package tracking system which searches for tracking codes unnecessary. It supports Gmail, Outlook, AOL, IMAP, Office 365, Exchange and Yahoo Mail accounts. It is one of the best productivity apps which helps you in getting best email services and managing them with ease.

25. Droptask

(Android, iOS: Free)

It is another team and task management app which takes the route of visual approach in order to coordinate your projects. It takes inspiration from mind mapping, and it presents your task as well as projects in different colors, linked circles, along with who is assigned to each as well as completion status and how each task interacts and exchanges data with other parts of any ongoing projects along with many features. It is quite a useful package, even for a free offering, with teams up to 5 people working together.

With this, we end our list of top 25 best productivity apps present in the market for various platforms. These apps will certainly help you in boosting your productivity and allow you to manage your work efficiently. They will also provide you useful insights about your tasks and assist you in different actions.

Let us know your reviews and comments regarding our list. We would surely like to know about your offerings on this list. Till, then we sign off, hoping that this list will come handy for you.