Wallester Innovative Card Solutions


If you are seeking to optimize your existing payment solutions or add new services, Wallester is an entity worth getting to know. As a licensed White Label Visa card issuer and payment provider, they offer transaction processing services using an all-in-one model. A wide range of businesses benefit from an expansive menu of diversified solutions and tailored approaches to meet evolving consumer needs.

Wallester’s modern API platform simplifies standard card processing methods in the areas of Visa credit, debit, virtual and loyalty cards. They boast an established history of assisting companies in swiftly launching and integrating the latest card products. Some of the major industries they have the largest presence in include the following:

Business, Consumer and Peer-to-Peer Loan Providers

Consumer loan providers are able to get money to clients instantly to use at any time. Wallester effectively organizes the entire process of issuing a company’s payment cards from start to finish.

Taking the bank out of the lending process means business owners are autonomous and provide customers with infallible confidentiality. Users enjoy the benefits of drastically speeding up the process of granting loans by implementing an innovative payment system.

FinTech Companies

Wallester gives FinTech companies the ability to utilize modern, reliable and convenient payment tools. Issuance of branded cards based on the White Label model allows businesses to expand the functionality of payment instruments and roll out uncomplicated financial processes.

Customers will have the ability to order tokenized virtual and physical cards with the chosen PIN code and manage cards in a mobile app, encouraging brand loyalty. Wallester’s user-friendly, modern REST API effectively integrates with all IT systems.

Gift, Loyalty, Membership and Rewards Cards

Traditional cards lack advanced functionality and are typically tied to a particular service. This limits usage options. Wallester’s innovative platform allows businesses to issue multi-functional gift cards that are able to be used as a full-fledged payment tool at standard POS terminals and online.

Trusting Wallester for card programs eliminates the need for special software development. Having the ability to offer branded Visa virtual and physical loyalty, gift, membership and rewards cards affords businesses many more options, including purchase tracking for better customer demographic understanding.

Employers and Gig Platforms

Thanks to Wallester’s advanced employee payment alternatives, owners are able to make quick payments to employees, partners and suppliers. This allows for a significant acceleration of key business processes and assists greatly in accounting.

Multifunctional Visa business debit cards connect to business platforms’ systems via API, allowing for prompt payment for work performed. Payees are then able to access money instantly, including online shopping and ATM money withdrawals.

Financial Institutions

Banking often involves several complex processes that require regular investing and optimization. Wallester eliminates the need for banks to invest large sums of money and resources in producing their own branded cards. Wallester’s turnkey solution allows financial institutions to produce branded cards affordably and efficiently.

Be confident in reaching out to Wallester for any new Visa financial product line you have in mind. Their modern API guarantees quick and seamless integration, meaning your new project will launch fast. The need to merge varied systems and spend an extended amount of time to integrate payment functions is a thing of the past, courtesy of the innovators at Wallester.