10+ Best Graphic Design Magazines for Designers and Artists

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The internet has expanded a lot over the last few decades, but still printed material like magazines and newspapers are popular. For the web, print or graphic designers, productivity boost is a necessity that should be upgraded now and then.

Today we will be posting some of the premier and the best graphic design magazines that are available in print, PDF and other popular e-formats. I am sure you will find these magazines as a huge inspiration.

All of the following graphic design magazines are not listed in any particular order or sequence.

Communication Arts

A prestigious design publication that covers a wide range of design disciplines, including graphic design, advertising, photography, and illustration.

Print Magazine

A magazine that covers graphic design, typography, and visual culture, with an emphasis on the intersection of design and technology.

Eye Magazine

A quarterly magazine that focuses on design and visual culture, with an emphasis on typography, design history, and critical theory.

Computer Arts

A magazine that covers digital design, illustration, and motion graphics, with tutorials and tips for designers using software like Adobe Creative Suite.

Creative Review

A UK-based magazine that covers graphic design, advertising, and digital media, with an emphasis on creative inspiration and industry trends.

HOW Magazine

A publication that covers all aspects of graphic design, from branding and packaging to typography and print design.

Photoshop User

Photoshop user is the top Adobe Photoshop magazine of NAPP for digital artists, designers and photographers. It features extensive photoshop tutorials crafted by the most talented designers, photographers besides leading authors in the field. You can have access to the most recent tricks, tips, hidden secrets and methods along with product reviews, industry news and some great stuff in almost all its issues. It’s published around 10 times a year and has some bonus issues too. The magazine has gained a lot of popularity as the most reliable resource for Lightroom training, Adobe Photoshop and “how to” for digital art lovers.

Layers Magazine

Layers Magazine provides innovative techniques, detailed tutorials, insights by experts, secret tweaks and a host of important information about the whole Adobe Creative Suite, Illustrator, Including inDesign, Acrobat, Photoshop, After Effects, Lightroom, Flash, Dreamweaver and Premiere Pro. Layers is published six times every year and provides excellent design idea and unbiased product reviews among others.

Digital Arts

Digital Arts features a wealth of techniques and  tutorials across vector art, illustration, graphic, digital painting, interactive design and animation. In addition, it gives you elaborate insight into the hottest projects and latest trends from the leading artists of the world.

Photoshop Creative

Photoshop Creative is the ideal magazine for getting yourself acquainted with the outstanding application of Adobe. It features inspirational tutorials which cover the entire range of the software starting from innovative projects to pragmatic guides on using techniques and tools. The magazine stands out for clarity, inspiration, creativity and precision.

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How Design Magazine

How Magazine assists designers to be more creative, successful and inspired irrespective of whether they are in-house designers working for themselves or employed at a design company. It’s a designer’s source for career advice, design inspiration, business guidance and for developing creative connections. It has an excess of 500 print and interactive projects besides giving you real tips on creating your portfolio and improving your career as a designer.


ImagineFX helps you to paint outstanding imagery with its detailed workshops. It answers almost all digital art queries and dig yourself into the mind of your most loved fantasy artists. Each issue is bursting with a lot of digital art goodies from workshop files to videos and great art resources.

Print Magazine

Print is a magazine whichis published just twice a year and focuses on visual design and culture. it was launched by William Edwin Rudge in 1940 and is devoted to display the incredible aspects of design both on and off the page. It covers motion graphics, animation, rock posters, corporate branding, street art and exhibitions.

2D Artist Magazine

2D Artist is a magazine meant especially for CG Artists all over the world whether they are just beginners or have an in-depth knowledge in 2D. It’s full of tutorials, techniques, project overviews, galleries, articles and interviews. Hence, it provides an ideal platform for sharpening your 2D skills. Learn from experts and get the inspiration for designing your forthcoming projects.

I. D. Magazine

If you are looking for the most advanced design from almost every discipline, I.D. Magazine could be a great choice. it gives you a deep insight into the latest design trends and provides unique coverage of the best designers in the world. it covers the following-concepts, environments, products, furniture, interactive etc. The magazine was launched in 1954 and is a leading magazine in the US which deals about culture of business, design and art.

Before and After

Before and After, which was launched in 1990,  is a great magazine for graphic designers. It helps you to design web pages, presentations, brochures, ads, logos, magazines, business cards, posters, documents and much more. You’ll come to know what works best and why, what turns out to be a failure and why besides some cool principles.

Communication Arts

Communication Arts Magazine is the top trade journal meant for visual communications. It boasts of being the biggest innovative magazine across the globe and highlights the best work in advertising, graphic design, illustration, interactive design and photography. Since its launch in 1959, a growing number of art directors, graphic designers, creative directors, illustrators and photographers have turned to this magazine for inspiration and ideas.

CMYK Magazine

CMYK Magazine is a place where enthusiastic creatives display their talents and skills to an inspirationally driven industry. it’s also a platform where agency principals, art buyers and creative directors recruit candidates at the top design schools of today.

Eye Magazine

Eye is the most outstanding graphic design journal in the world. It’s published four times a year and is suitable for professional designers and anyone interested in informed, critical posts about visual culture and graphic design.

So, have you ever read one of these? Which one did amaze you the most. Which graphic design magazines you will recommend.