Best News Apps for Reading Daily News

7 billion people on earth and I would say world is big enough place where all sort things are happening round the clock. And to track on major happenings newspaper are in state of flux and online news providers are charging fees that isincreasing at a good speed. But we are fortunate enough to have apps in mobile device department where major players, like CNN, Yahoo, The New York Times, The AP and NPR are providing us news instantly.

These apps can give you almost anything in terms of news and you will feel the world events in the palm of your hand. With features like news recommendation personalized to you and sharing news to your favorite social network are few elements you can enjoy.

Today on SaveDelete we feature the top best news apps for people who like to surf news, world affairs and whatever you like. Most of these news apps are available on multi-platform like Android, iOS, Windows etc.

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AP Mobile

Price: Free (Android, iOS, Windows Phone)

AP’s tagline of “Where the News gets its News” is accessible and thoughtful. They are the best news providers with latest Breaking & local news for every region in the world. It also has customized services where you can get information on particular interest and developments.


Price : Free (iOS|Android|Windows)

You do not need to write any content, and there is nobody writing on Flipboard, means it is an entirely automated personalized magazine. You can sort news and build a magazine of your favorite interest and add blogs, publications like The New York Times and many more.


Price : Free (iOS|Android|Windows)

CNN is another great news app that also let you write your story and opinion in the form of photo/video, this feature is called CNN iReport. CNN news is fairly extensive and has a good network.

Paper by Facebook

Price: Free (iOS)

A new way to see stories on Facebook from your friends and newspapers. No clutters of News Feed from Facebook and the proper focus on stories of your friends and pictures. This app also allows you to post directly to your Facebook account, and it lets you see the stories in a carousel type display that looks incredibly beautiful.

Al Jazeera English

Price: Free (iOS |Android| Windows)

It’s an 24-hour news channel from Middle East and Al Jazeera has a reputation of be least biased of any publication around the world Their app has also number features that are not available on the website.

Ask Me Anything app from Reddit

Price: Free (iOS, Android)

Reddit – the front page of internet has a featured category called AMA, this news app will bring your the people who are participating in Reddit’s AMA. It means Ask me anything. It can featured many great personalities from past. Recently President Obama, Woody Harrelso, Neil deGrasse Tyson were among few dignitaries that participated in this section.

News Republic

Price: Free (iOS | Android| Windows)

The News Republic app is a treat for visual design lovers. It is more of a tech feed and hence its geek nature that you have noticed. Also this app learns and automatically personalize for the audience. You will also get your own sharing and selecting the news.


Price: $2.99 (iPad), $4.99 (iOS), $19.99 (Mac)

To enhance your Twitter experience you can use Tweetbot, which is a neat way to stay on top of all the popular and new activity on Twitter. The best feature according to me is that you can easy mute people without unfollowing them.


Price : Free (iOS|Android|Windows)

Zite provides you an intelligent magazine-like visual treat where you can grab news stories with their new algorithm and is tailored to your interest. More than 40,000+ topics are there to choose from, and all this can be seen in a manner that is attractive and gives wow feeling.

Yahoo News Digest

Price: Free (iOS, Android)

With 7 to 10 articles daily that is been curated by Yahoo News Digest, once in morning and evening will give you all the major headlines and stories that need you attention. There are multiple sources from where the news is being extracted, I would say its the best looking news app right now that also has enough material to anybody.

Circa News

Price: Free (iOS, Android)

Circa News is a perfect app to stay updated with current news. Their editorial team pick the major and latest stories that matter to you and it also let you read articles offline.


Price: Free (iOS|Android)

Digg is a news aggregator that picks trending news and complies articles with video, audio and images from multiple sources. It gives you features like saving stories for offline reading from your favorite blogger, writer, and publishers.

Which one of these best news apps have you used before? Do recommend the apps that are not included and you use them regularly.