Best HDTV in $500’s Budget

With recent HDTV in the market, the price range has been reduced a lot, and this article will give you budget HDTV’s that are about $500. With this kind of money, you will get great picture quality, all sort of connectivity options, thin, trim and loads of reliable features. Let’s dive into our selection of best budget HDTV in $500 or so.

We have picked five from a list of many HDTV that fall under this budget range. Our selection is based on customer reviews, online reviews, votes and other technical forum discussion boards.

Vizio E50-C1 50″ Smart LED HDTV – Best HDTV

VIZIO E-Series 50inch Class Full?Array LED Smart TV

Just over $500 this juggernaut can also be found under $400 on special day discount deals like in Holiday season. Still $528 on Amazon is not at all a bad deal. It has some excellent reviews and features like the 50-inch panel at 1080p resolution and 120Hz frequency. It has three HDMI ports, USB, VGA, component and composite. It comes with one year warranty and also has a wall mount support. With auto-brightness and auto-adjust settings according to the light in the room, this HDTV is smart enough to run apps like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon video, Facebook and Twitter. Music services like Pandora and Spotify can also be found in the app list. With a Wi-Fi system that’s built in there is no need to Ethernet wire connectivity, and you can enjoy the internet wirelessly. It has a sleek two-legged stand, and its super thin panel gives a classy look.

TCL Roku TV 50″ 50FS3800 – Best HDTV

Vizio e500i-A1 50inch Smart LED TV

TCL is at $480 on Amazon with all the loaded features. 50″ panel 1080p, 120Hz, three HDMI, one USB and all other regular input. Roku TV has embedded the set-top box inside and you will save money by buying one for yourself. It also has mobiles apps that will enable to use your mobile devices as a remote control, and of course you will get a remote with this HDTV.

Vizio e500i-A1 50″ Smart LED TV

VIZIO e500i-A1 50inch Smart LED HDTV

Another Vizio HDTV that is available at Amazon at a price of $399. This has almost all the features of the E-50-C1 model we mentioned above. Its pricing is low because this model is old and E-50-C1 is new. So you will be lucky if you find this TV on shopping sites online. However, if it is there then don’t wait and buy it immediately.

Seiki SE39UY04 39″ 4K Ultra HD LED TV

Seiki SE39UY04 39-Inch 4K Ultra HD

Seiki is 4K Ultra HD LED TV with a 39-inch screen running at 120Hz and can be bought on Amazon at $369. You will not get the smart apps on this TV but all the other components are there that makes it desirable. Some of you might use this as a PC monitor as well, so if you need a bigger screen for you computer, this is a good option as well.

Sceptre E555BV-FMQR 55″ LED HDTV

Sceptre 55inch Class 1080p LED TV

This panel is priced at exact $500 with features like the 55-inch screen at 1080p 60Hz, three HDMI, MHL support, tempered glass stand, one USB, build in surround sound and a VESA mountable. With a year warranty, this will be a good choice for a living room where you need a big screen at this price.

So, which one of these best HDTV will fit your budget, let us know what are your takes on these if you already own them.