Best Photoshop Tutorials in 2015

The year 2013 was an excellent year for Photoshop tutorials with some remarkably clever and enticing tutorials from experts like Fabrizio Panattoni, Narendra Keshkar and Dek Wid among others. Photoshop is an extremely robust image editing tool. Learning to use this tool is not a difficult task if and only if you put in efforts to comprehend each and every tool within Photoshop.

Similar to a majority of software, Photoshop is an artist’s tool that helps him to express his creativity and imagination on a  canvas. Based on the creativity of an artist, Photoshop tools can be used in a multitude of combinations to come up with an excellent and amazing artwork. The following article discusses on the 100 best Photoshop tutorials for the year 2013. We have put in a lot of hard work in coming up with this huge list, which we believe will be handy to our developers and designers. Photoshop experts will get to polish their skills with these lists while rookies will find it invigorating and inspiring. All you have to do is find some time from your packed schedule and closely study the list as it’s really worth. Happy Reading!

Realistic 3D Casino Style Bulb Sign

How to Paint Realistic Eyes in Adobe Photoshop

Turn a Photo Into a Beautiful Painting

Retouching and air brushing skin

Get to know the trick on retouching skin as is done by top experts using techniques like yellow channel, burning, dodging and high as well as low pass skin airbrushing. This is done with the help of non-destructive methods and has been viewed by 260,000 people.

Painting a great pair of birds

This is not a common painting tutorial and has very little involvement of painting. Expert, Dek Wid uses some qualified techniques to come up with an excellent picture of birds and trees from an umbrella photo.

Creating a photo manipulation

Create this exquisite photo manipulation on the famed TV series “Games of Thrones”. Creative techniques like the Warp Transform and Colour Lookup adjustments have been used here.

Wonderful CG Illustration of Incredible Hulk

Get to know behind the creation of this fantastic work by Narendra Keshkar. This painting/drawing tutorial provides exhaustive instructions on base painting, shading with proper lighting and working with brush.

Creating a marvellous watercolour artwork

This artwork is really fun and very easy to be comprehended. It tells a great deal on combining photos, textures and splatter brushes together.

Creating this gorgeous image of a girl on a railway track under a moonlit night

In this tutorial, acclaimed artist, Fabrizio Panattoni, shows you the way to combine some excellent Photoshop methods to come up with some great photo manipulation with astrophotgraphy-such as surreal and skies colours.

3D Text with some great lighting

This tutorial discusses on transforming a text from 2D to 3D and give it some excellent effects by using Illustrator.

Create a wonderful photo montage

Get refined results from ordinary techniques in Photoshop. Markie Darkie explains how you can create a brilliant photomontage with layering of shapes and master repetition.

Creating a Triangle Pixelation effect

Photoshop contains a mosaic filter that allows you pixelate images; however, the effect can be boring and overused. This easy and fast tutorial will guide on creating easy triangular pixelation effects with the help of the mosaic filter.

Creating flesh eating poster of a movie with Photoshop CS6

Create this frightening movie poster with details of a half corrupted face. This tutorial is explained in great detail and is also meant for the expert Photoshop user.

Using 3D Text to create a crystal cube

This tutorial is excellent for beginners who want to learn about 3D objects and texts. With this video, you can create 3D text within a square crystal.

Combining a car with a crocodile to create a fascinating Crocomobile

Combine a car with a crocodile to create a crocomobile. This tutorial is great for those who want to merge animals with the things around.

Creating a great Space Battle Scene

Create this innovative space battle scene which will bring you to the Starcraft days. This tutorial by Jenny Le shows you to create a space background with space stock photos.

Creating Gothic artwork with Photoshop

Learn how to make a gothic photo manipulation by Siiri Kumar, who shows you how to create photo manipulation with a symmetrical and flat look.

Creating artistic 3D Gold Shop using Photoshop Extended

Create gleaming gold text on a drywall background. It also contains a video tutorial, which shows you the way to make artistic message artwork using 3D tools.

Creating attractive Retro Poster

This tutorial by David Cox shows  you the way to create a retro-style wallpaper having shiny textures, bright colours and lens flares.

Creating a warm and romantic portrait photo manipulation

An alluring and warm photo manipulation with great effects of light. It emphasizes on burning/dodging techniques and colour matching.

Creating an unusual photo manipulation of an abbot in a cave

This tutorial shows some innovative techniques to create a 3D cube.

How to create a metal apple using Photoshop

This tutorial will guide you to create a metallic apple with the help of metal ball stock photo.

Creating an attractive Retro Poster in Illustrator and Photoshop

This is a retro-style artwork which uses both Illustrator and Photoshop.

Creating an underwater artwork

The album “Immersion” released by Pendulum has a photo-illustrative cover which was used by a host of merchandise.

Illusionary light effects

By making your own brushes using Adobe Illustrator,  it’s fairly simple to create illusionary art scenes.

Advanced composting methods

This photomontage by Becha was made for a fashion editorial named as Silent Spring. You’ll get to know how to incorporate various elements into a single image and achieve a surreal, dreamy atmosphere that has its inspiration in nature.

Photoshop layer effects

Creating eye-catching, vibrant images like this is neither a complex nor a time-consuming one. James White teaches you how to create retro flair to your images.

Transform an image into a sensual artwork

In this tutorial, Tom Starlye uses brush strokes, shapes and basic colours to create a euphoric, well-balanced image.

Using brushes to intensify the look of portraits

Product designer and Illustrator, David Mahoney shows you how to make a “tradigital” artwork like the one shown above.

Colour a portrait of a female beautifully

Emma Leonard from Australia mainly uses hand-drawn techiques using pencils and Photoshop to add subtle lighting effects and colour to create this beautiful portrait.

Combine digital techniques and traditional brushwork

Adi Gilbert describes in this tutorial to create well-crafted illustrations with traditional brushwork, digital techniques, Photoshop and stylus.

Create an exquisite bird artwork

This illustration of a swan by Andrew Lyons is one out of a series of birds he made for a project.

Digital tricks for art that is pencil-drawn

French expert, Marguerite Sauvage made this portrait called “Flower Women,” which according to her looks very feminine, traditional and fashionable.

Give your artwork a tropical  feel of the 1980s

Chris Malbon explains the processes involved to create a traditional artwork of the 80s.

Awesome video game text style

Get to know how to create a text effect using basic filters, such as Gaussian Blur.

New techniques for vector portraits

Spanish illustrator, Daniel Caballero shows how he made this vector artwork from various sources.

Create an alluring monochrome landscape using techniques by Stephen Chan

In this tutorial, Illustrator Stephen Chan creates a chain of illustrations for Esquire magazine with high-class fashion photography.

How to create cloudy text

This tutorial discusses on creating texts made with clouds with the help of brushes and some fascinating light effects.

Create vintage photos which are superior to Instagram

Fabio Sasso demonstrates on creating retro lighting effects with some amount of control, which indicates you get the exact look you require.

Create one image from two portrait photos

This tutorial explains how to combine the best sections of two images from the same shoot by making various adjustments.

Give your images a retro anxious look

This tutorial explains how blending modes, opacity techniques and channel mixing to create vintage-inspired imagery.

Great photo retouch tools from Photoshop CC

Here you can find Lens Correction, Smart Sharpen and Shake Reduction filters, which allows you to adjust your images.

Photo editing with Photoshop CC

Edit your image using Smart Sharpen features, Camera Shake Reduction and Camera Raw Filter from Photoshop CC.

How to Retouch Skin

Retouch expert and burlesque photographer Tigz Rice shows how to improve the appearance of the skin and remove blemishes without missing out the important textures.

Swapping colours of photo details

This tutorial explains the basic steps involved in colour mixing by transforming the gold jewellery of the model and the details on her outfit into silver.

Designing a robot painting using Photoshop

This tutorial by Takumer Homma explains how to create a robot painting using lighting, composition, tonal value and gesture.

Enhancing details of your image through colour adjustment

This tutorial explains three easy steps on colour adjustments and applying local tone to your images.

Achieve smooth yet sharp images using frequency separation

Learn how to retouch your image from scratch to the end, using a method that allows you to process various detail levels of your image.

Using depth of field to make your images appear more professional and interesting

Learn how to simulate shadow depth of field using Photoshop.

How to create illusionary miniature scenes

Create an exquisite picture with Tift Shift effect in this tutorial.

Achieving the High Dynamic Range version

Achieve HDR (high dynamic range) version of your image with Photoshop.

Controlling tonality with Black and White filter from Photoshop

Use black and white tricks of processing to enhance colour images.

Add Instagram-inspired effects to photos

Learn how to create Instagram Filters using this easy tutorial on Photoshop.

Combining photos to get a realistic scene

Merge few images to create a realistic scene of a train moving along a desert.

Wrinkle reduction

In this tutorial, you’ll get to know on how to retouch your images and reduce wrinkles.

Improving the colour of your image using black and white

A short tutorial on the way to enhance your colour image.

How to make your images appear hipster

Add light lomo effects to your images to make them appear “Hipster”.

How to make your image appear like a water colour painting

Let your picture appear like a watercolour painting with the help of Photoshop.

Creating an emotional, shattered and molten statue

Use adjustments, layer masks along with a few painting and blending techniques to create a great artwork.

Creating distorted typography using Photoshop

This tutorial explains working with merged media and distorting typography to give your image a unique look.

Creating an amazing flyer design for the summer months

How to make a summer fly design by adding various elements into a single image.

Create an instant smoke effect

Follow these few simple steps to create an instant smoke effect.

Creating collage for your desktop

Create a beautiful wallpaper for your desktop with Photoshop in this tutorial.

Use colour-shifted exposure to transform day into night

Your camera may not allow you to shoot the type of picture you require, especially at night. This tutorial explains how to transform day into night.

Harmonize two different pictures using Photoshop

Use curves layers and colour sampler tool for harmonizing two images together.

Use selective colour adjustments to enhance your pictures

This tutorial explains a non-destructive process for image retouching and colour editing.

Generate an authentic heat haze by using subtle effects

Create a heat haze effect using Photoshop for landscape images.

Use blending modes and textures in Photoshop

This guide explains how to blend modes for adjusting textures.

Photographic tones excellent for Photo Retouch

Add oil painting and colour lookup effects from Photoshop CS6′s filters.

Watercolour effect in 10 easy steps

Utilize water colour brushes in Photoshop for creating a stunning artwork.

Adding quick effects to your images

This guide has some extremely easy steps to add cool effects to personal images.

Give your pictures a dark lomo effect

Give your images high contrast and blue tones to create a dark lomo effect.

Create skin Retouching effect

Use this effective but easy technique to create a dramatic skin effect.

Match colour and tone in Photoshop

This workflow walks you through various processes to create an atmosphere of vintage film.

Creating Extraterrestrial self portrait

Transform a simple shot into a stunning artwork with this guide.

How to fix curly hair with oil paint filter from Photoshop

Get to know the processes involved in smoothing hair on your image.

75. How to darken bright regions of your image

This tutorial has some easy easy Photoshop processes involved in creating local contrast effect to get a pseudo-HDR look.

Editing this photo from the beginning to the end

How to create the effect of natural sunlight using Photoshop.

Applying colour effect to your images

Apply colour effects to personal images with this guide.

Creating a Nashville Instagram effect

Create an Instagram Nashville effect which can be used for many images.

Creating an awesome cinematic movie effect

Retouch your image to create an awesome movie style effect with this tutorial.

Creating a caricature from an image

Use various Retouching methods to create a caricature from your image.

Combining a frog and a crocodile

This tutorial explains how you can combine a frog and a crocodile to create a totally new species.

Creating an apocalyptic scene

This guide explains on creating a cinematic scene in some few easy and quick steps.

Creating double exposure photography

How can you make double exposure photographs using Photoshop.

How to create Cinematic Portraits from Humdrum Photos

Add cinematic quality to your humdrum portrait and throw some fake HDR.

Creating a beautiful splashing sneaker using Photoshop

This tutorial explains some simple methods to create aqueous sneaker effects.

Creating mixed media artwork

Create personalized shapes and stock images in Illustrator.

How to get holographic effect

Create holograph effects similar to a science fiction movie.

Mixing fire textures and ice to create a photo manipulation

Create photo manipulation with the help of fire textures and ice mixtures using free transform tools and image adjusting tools.

Adding vibrancy to fashion portraits

This tutorial explains on using images of paint splashes to give life to a fashion shot.

Collage techniques to give a vintage look

Illustrator Ciara Phelan demonstrates on using skills to create images meant for collaging.

How to colour black and white photos

Learn how to colour your old black and white pictures here.

Creating abstract shapes and light effects

This 1 hour tutorial shows to create some stunning light effects and strange shapes with the Warp Tool and additional filters.

How to create a tiny planet using 3D capabilities of Photoshop

Create a tiny planet using 3D capabilities of Photoshop.

Digital colouring and lighting

Artist Brandon Spahn teaches how to compose shapes, lines and patterns to pull in the attention of the viewer.

Texture effects for some great composition

Give your work an element of depth with this technique and layer textures to enhance your piece.

Transform an imaged into an arcade game character

James May created this arcade game for the music video “Me & You”.

Creating urbanized photo manipulation

How can you create urbanized photo manipulation.

Create a dark fantasy photo manipulation

This guide will explain you to create a dark fantasy photo manipulation which figures a single mysterious element in a dreamscape.

Enhancing photos of live events

Photographer Tigz Rice shows how to correct important issues for those photographing in indoor events that are low lit.

Spicing up 3D suite

Thomas Burden shows you how to create this unique piece with the help of an old school coffee house aesthetic.