6 Places to Find the Best Tutor & What to Keep in Mind

Best Tutor

Working with a tutor is a great option if you need to keep up with the studies, pass a specific exam, or achieve other educational goals. From maths tutoring to science lessons, a lot of parents hire tutors for their kids but college students are also often in the need of professional help.

Luckily, there are lots of experts out there that can help with any subject. It is especially easy to find them now with online tutoring platforms and services that can match you with the best person to work with. If you feel like you need a professional or you are a parent looking for someone to help your kid, here’s how and where to find a suitable professional.

What to Look for in a Tutor?

Before starting scrolling through websites and CVs, you need to know what to look for in the first place. If you notice the signs saying you need help from a tutor, setting proper requirements and expectations is the key part of success. Here are the main factors that will influence your choice:

  • Credentials. It is always better to go for fully-trained and educated teachers. Maybe they have post-secondary education or certifications related to the subject and teaching. If you need a tutor who works with kids who have learning difficulties, look for credentials to support it.
  • Experience. How long have they been working? How many students do they have? Are there any reviews and comments from former students? What subjects are they experienced in?
  • Expertise. How well do they know the subject you are interested in? Do they have a degree in this field?
  • Track Record. If you need to prepare for a specific exam, like IELTS, look at how many students they have successfully prepared for passing it.
  • Teaching approach. What methods and tools do they use?
  • Personality. You are going to closely work together, so it is better to go for the person you like and who can motivate you to work harder.
  • Pricing. It is an important factor, as not everyone has the same budget.

Try to look for someone who is educated and experienced, but also someone who understands your needs. It is quite normal to ask potential tutors a lot of questions and try the first lesson before making a long-term decision.

Start with setting clear goals and requirements. What do you want to achieve with this cooperation? Also, check out the age group the professional is usually working with. For example, working with children is much different from teaching college students.

With the age of Webinars in education and IT services the online seminar has taken a huge leap forward, checkout WebinarCare that has some great solutions for all kind of businesses.

So, if you are looking for an expert to help your kid, it is better to choose those who are particularly skilled in that.

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Where Can You Find Tutors?

When all requirements are set, it is time to look for available professionals. Mind that tutoring will work out if you choose a professional whose methods suit your needs. There are several ways to find one, both offline and online. It depends on your expectations and preferences. Here are some places where you can look for an excellent teacher.

Teacher’s Advice

Parents can start by asking the kid’s school teachers about it. First of all, they know all the pain points of your child. Secondly, they might be aware of the professionals around and can recommend someone. Sometimes tutors leave their contacts on school boards. It might not be the most productive way, but it is a good place to start with.

Local Tutoring Centers

If you live somewhere around tutoring centers, it can be a great advantage. In this case, you can get assistance in choosing the right teacher. More so, you may work together offline most of the time. This form of tutoring might be more expensive than online options, but they also give access to specific learning tools, programs, and advanced methods.

Chegg Tutors

It is a great online platform that offers experts on all types of subjects and all levels of knowledge. The website checks teachers’ credentials and previous experience, which is a great benefit.

There is a free 30-minute trial session with the expert you choose. The prices are pretty comfortable, one lesson costs about $7 or one can pay $15 per month. All the lessons are happening online via video call.

Knowledge Roundtable

This is a great marketplace for tutors and clients to find each other. It is free to use and has an excellent searching mechanism. All you need to do is to specify what and where you are looking for and get instant results. Here, you can find local teachers and look at their credentials as well as education and experience.


This platform is one of the long-standing in the industry. Here, one can find a teacher for almost 300 subjects. There are about 80,000 registered professionals, so there is a great choice.

You can find a local expert to work together offline or use video-call lessons via the platform. There is an option to have the first lesson for free. The prices depend on the professional, they decide on them personally. So, the prices range from $10 to $200 per hour. It depends on the level of expertise and the subject.


Yet another perfect online platform that offers excellent professionals. Here, one can find teachers for any age, from elementary school to college. The prices are unified.

You pay per minute – about 82 cents (the minimal longevity of the lesson is 15 minutes). The professionals go through background checks. All of them need to have BA+ in teaching, teaching license, or certification in their field of knowledge.


Whether you want to learn online or offline, there are many options to choose from. Set requirements and expectations. Do not be afraid to ask questions beforehand, and find someone who is on the same page.