Top 5 Reasons to use Skype for Business

In todayís scenario, there are two different types of Skypes for online video conferring which are the free and the consumer version, popularly known as Skype for Business.

This redesigned Microsoft Lync borrowed the appearance and the feel of consumer Skype that we all are aware of and it applies it to the enterprise version.

Talking about Contact management in Skype for Business, like the standard Skype client puts both status and availability information quite upfront.

Even though these two applications may seem identical, they are quite different and not because of Skype for Business, similar to Lync, costs extra money. Skype for Business provides capacity along with productivity advantages available for businesses which are quite big or wish to appear big. Investing in Skype for business is quite worthy. The points mentioned below proves the same.

1. You need to organize large meetings

When it comes to standard Skype client, you are restricted to only 25 people on any conference call at the same time. Skype for Business increases this limit to 250 people, which makes it quite suitable for large-scale presentations, webinars and much more. People participating in either Skype of Skype for Business may not require Skype client to get connected to the meeting as both services support calls via landline and even standard mobile phones. However, the extra fees will be applied for dial-in users.

2. You need to integrate comfortably with Office apps

One of the major advanced feature of Skype for Business is that it can easily integrate with Office 265. This means that you can easily use Outlook directly via the Skype for Businessís IM, voice along with video features by simply clicking directly on any contact to start any conversation with them or even arrange and schedule a meeting for later time. Outlook also archive the meeting history in Skype for Business along with each contact. In case you wish to collaborate PowerPoint presentations or any Excel spreadsheet, you can easily do it via conference and also share your own screen without any requirement of leaving the program.

3. Security and permissions remains a concern

This statement doesnít mean that your VoIP calls are secure enough against eavesdroppers, the entire Skype traffic, for both the version, is duly encrypted with AES. Skype for Business comes with better authentication methods which allows you to have administrator and stronger control over all the accounts and the access provided to the people the permission to alter standard settings and tools. Subscriptions can also be added and removed at user level, with various program features that are assignable to different user on that service,

Skype for Business conferences generally consist of screen sharing, text chat along with individual control on other participantís microphones.

4. You have to setip a sophisticated conference room

When you need a dedicated videoconferencing room and wish to communicate over video for two different satellite offices, Skype for Business is the perfect option. Lync was built for these forms of setups along with new Skype Room Systems allows you to use Skype with cameras and monitors along with audio device from Polycom and Microsoft Surface Hub for online whiteboarding.

Skype for Business can also integrate with considerable number of enterprise-class PBX system.

5. ‘Online Plan 2’ provides best features for the price

Even though Skype is free, but Skype for Business will definitely cost you. There are two basic plans which are available for the companies. The Online Plan 1 costs at $2 per user per month as a yearly contract and it only covers the basic part. With Online Plan 2, which costs $5.50 per month service. It comes with HD video for group conferences along with ability to join meetings via web browser, desktop sharing and remote control. It also comes with Outlook schedule integration and the availability of feature to record meetings.