Things to consider when travelling to London by car

London by car

There were 32.7 million passenger cars in operation in the UK in 2020. And given the benefits of driving, this is unsurprising. Itís a practical, private way to travel. Plus, there are actually plenty of relaxing mental health benefits to driving too. London is a natural destination for many to drive to for work or leisure. Read on to explore what to consider when youíre travelling to London by car.


London is a massive city with an intricate and busy road network. As such, navigating without help can be extremely difficult. Instead, you should look to set up Google Maps or your sat nav to find your destination. This can make your road trip much less stressful Ė rather than desperately searching for your destination you can calmly follow the instructions on screen. Just ensure that you set up your software before the journey so that you donít have to alter anything while you drive.

Congestion charge

Itís worth remembering that thereís a congestion charge for driving in London. This applies to most vehicles that drive into London between 7am and 6pm Monday to Friday. Plus, there are low emissions zones close to the centre which penalise the most polluting vehicles. If you need to park in the centre, you should ensure that youíre fully aware of these charges prior to your journey. Ultimately, parking outside of London could be the easiest option.

Make sure your car is in good condition

Thereís nothing worse than your trip being ruined as your car breaks down. To avoid this you should ensure that your car is in good condition prior to the trip. If you’re looking for a new set of tyres and passing through Ashford it could be a good chance to get some new ones. Alternatively, if your car hasnít been serviced for a while then you could consider a trip to the garage beforehand.


Parking can be stressful in London. If you go on your trip without any research you could find it difficult to find anywhere safe and secure to park. Instead, you should plan this beforehand. Research the location youíre heading to and look for suitable places to park online. Plus, you can leave extra time in your journey to ensure that youíre not parking under pressure to punctually make your arrangement on time.

Travelling to London can be daunting. But by carefully considering the condition of the car, your parking, congestion charges and navigation you should be all set to enjoy a chilled journey to London, free from any stress or hassle.