How the Travel Industry is Changing

Preparation of airplane before flight

by Alex Schnee

Perhaps no industry is changing as quickly as that of the travel industry. As countries decide how to open and what they need to do in order to keep tourists safe, it has become more important than ever to book your travel effectively and with the help of an expert. Travel agents are likely to fulfill a new role, and by being prepared for these new changes, they can run a quality business that helps others navigate this new world.

Here are some ways the travel industry is changing and how travel agents can adjust.

There will be more restrictions

The days when you could hop from country to country might be over. You might be required to provide more information on your health and where you have been within the past few months, and they might only allow a certain number of tourists to visit a chosen country at a time. Travel agents can capitalize on this by being on top of the new regulations that governments come out with and by keeping clients updated on the these changes.

Travel will be more personalized

Passengers might start to need more customized options depending on medical history, and many travelers are going to have to consider budget options over flying first class. This where a CRM for travel agencies can be helpful, because it can allow them to be in direct contact with a customer and to help them plan out a trip that works best for them and their current situation. It might require agents to be more aware of which forms and items clients will need when visiting somewhere new.

There will need to be more planning

Most likely, countries’ governments are going to want to be able to have more control over who crosses borders and how long tourists stay. This might also mean booking activities and excursions further in advance than in the past, since it can take more time to prepare and to make sure that popular areas aren’t being overcrowded. This is where a travel agent can come in handy as opposed to clients booking trips themselves and finding out that they needed additional information before they booked their flights and their accommodations.

It might be more expensive

Travel has been relatively cheap over the past few years, but that might change when there are fewer flights available and smaller tour companies have gone out of business. While it might be possible to get deals at first, it could be a while before we start seeing the same levels of tourism again. It might be more difficult to book a flight somewhere new when prices have gone up quite a bit, so this will need to be factored into potential trips, as well.

In summary

The world has changed drastically within the past few months, and travel agents will have to make adjustments in order to provide customers with high quality experiences. However, they do stand to gain from clients reaching out because they need help with the more complicated logistics that are likely to come with travel in the future.