Brosix Review – A productivity messenger for all platforms

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, team collaboration has become an essential part of the organizations. When it comes to dealing with complicated and complex projects, proper communication between the team members remains to be the utmost requirement to achieve the target goals.

There are various chat applications present in the market such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, etc. but most of them fail in keeping a consistent flow of information and sharing of essential data for meaningful business collaborations.

At this juncture, the businesses require state of the art instant messenger that can fulfil the business requirement with fewer hassles.

So, if your business requires a robust messaging tool for team collaboration, then you should definitely look into Brosix instant messenger available both for businesses and enterprises. The Brosix Enterprise Instant Messenger and Brosix Business Instant Messenger provides the much-needed solution for organizations looking for organization information flow without any issues.


1. It provides an easy to use interface which makes it quite easier for the team members to communication in a seamless fashion. Its secure communication channels also provide much-needed privacy which remains to be one of its salient feature. It provides various useful features like Group and Private chat which is must for team collaboration.

Screen Shot of brosix

In case the members wish to share files or their screen, this messenger provides the feature to do so with ease. Group chat allows the individuals to add many team members in a single chat session and hence these members can share their work related to their project.

2. Brosix instant messenger provides a secure channel for the team members to share their work and workspace via a private network. It allows the administrator to control the team as well as providing features such as importing and exporting data files.

3. In case any member wants to receive or send any type of media file, it can be done easily. The member can also take screenshots of the screen and share it with other team members.

4. This excellent software also provides you the ability to talk to other team members via Voice or Video Chat, as per the requirement. In case you wish to share ideas with your team members, you can use this chat feature to even share whiteboards with all the members.

5. This software supports multiple languages, not just English. This makes Brosix instant messenger an ideal choice for native speakers to communicate with others.

features of brosix


  1. The major key feature of this software is a user-friendly interface which allows a seamless flow of information without any complexity.
  2. It provides a secure network and hence provides much need privacy to its users.
  3. It allows the team members to share files, whiteboards and other essential things to maintain a consistent flow of information.
  4. Its group chat feature enables the users to collaborate within an instant.


  1. Only negative thing that we encountered with is that you have to pay for software for business purposes.


According to us, Brosix instant messenger is quite a remarkable team collaboration tool for keeping communication with team members with ease. It is not just a chat application, it has more to offer such as screen sharing, voice and video chat, file transfer feature and many other essential features.

So, if you are looking for a reliable and feature-rich team collaboration tool, then look no further and give this tool a try. It will certainly impress you with its wide array of features and seamless transfer of valuable information between the team members.

This software will leave you astounded with its impeccable features and will definitely boost the productivity of your team members.