Slack Status: How to automatically change while in a meeting

Many people work these days remotely, making work apps like Slack crucial for good communication.

Slack status updates provide a constructive and easy way to let coworkers know you’re busy — for example, when you’re in a conference and can’t see each other individually.

You can easily sync your Slack status to your calendar, so you’ll never need to do it manually again. Of course, you can manually update your situation with a few tappings of a button, but that takes time and is manageable to forget. 

Alternatively, you can sync the Slack status to the online calendar, and Slack will automatically update your status for you. 

Let’s check how to connect it to Google Calendar, though you can also sync it to other calendars like Microsoft Outlook.

Sync Slack status to Google calendar using a laptop or desktop

Install the Google Calendar app to Slack if it’s not already installed 

  • Tap on Open in Slack.
  • Choose More at the top of the left sidebar—tap Apps from the drop-down that pops up. Please search for the Google Calendar app and tap on it.
  • Tap on Connect an Account on the new screen that pops up.
  • Select which Gmail account to connect to the calendar, and click Allow on the next screen.
  • Slack should send you a welcome message asking if you’d like to turn on automatic status notifications. 
  • Click Turn on.

Sync Slack status to Google calendar from the mobile device

Assuming you have both the Google Calendar apps and Slack installed, 

  • Go to Slack’s Home tab.
  • Search for and tap on the Google Calendar app.
  • On the next screen, ensure you’re on the Home tab; then click Connect an Account and tap Allow when prompted.
  • Slack will send a message asking if you want to turn on automatic status notifications. Click Turn on.
  • Head to Jump To at the top of the screen. Look for and click on <strong>Google Calendar.</strong>
  • 1/4Head to Jump To at the top of the screen. Look for and click on Google Calendar.

You’re all accomplished and will never ought to worry about overlooking updating your status!

Interesting facts about Slack

Slack is a freemium creation whose main paid features are the ability to explore over 10,000 archived messages and count unlimited apps and integrations. In addition, they assert support for a total number of users. When freeCodeCamp tried to switch its community of over 8,000 users to Slack in 2015, it experienced many technical issues. They were advised by Slack support to limit their channels to “no more than 1,000 users”.

Eight thousand customers signed up for the service within 24 hours of August 2013. The company reported that around 10,000 new daily active users had signed up weekly and had more than 135,000 paying clients across 60,000 teams. Those numbers had increased to 200,000 paid subscribers and a total of 750,000 daily active users.

As a result, Slack has more than a million daily active users. As of May 2018, Slack delivered over 8 million daily users, 3M of whom had paid accounts. At the moment of its S-1 filing for IPO, dated April 26, 2019, Slack noted more than 10M daily active users from more than 600,000 organizations in more than 150 nations.

In 2019, it was assessed that employees at large firms were shipping over 200 Slack messages per week on average. By that year, the portion of time spent on job email had decreased since 2013, attributed to the proliferation of Slack and its competitors, Microsoft Teams, Workplace, and Google Hangouts Chat and Meet.