Create Fake Magazine Covers For Free & Get Popular on Facebook

Do you wish to see how your images appear on covers of famous magazines like Playboy or Vogue? You must have guessed that you require improved photo editing software, such as Photoshop. You may also think that you need to possess a lot of skills to accomplish that. In reality, you can easily place your images on famous magazine covers following which you share them with your friends online, without even having to download any software or require special skills.

Below are 10 online tools with which you can do this job easily. All you have to do is upload your images and then select a magazine cover to obtain the required result.

1. Fakeazine


Fakeazine permits you to put your images on approximately 100 magazines. You upload your photo and then attune it by performing the following operations-zooming in or out, dragging and specifying the colour of the background. You can then download the image to your device or obtain the sharing code and post it on your social sites-all without getting yourself registered to the site.

2. Fakemagazinecover


Fakemagazine cover allows you to place your images on the cover of many famous magazines-from celebrity gossip magazines to learning magazines for kids. Currently, its database has 864 magazine templates which gives you many choices. You can add various effects like props, text captioning and frames for your covers. You can then download the image or get the HTML and post it on websites or blogs.

3. Writeiton


With Writeiton, you can put your images on some well-known magazines like Wired, Time, Playboy etc. Begin by choosing a cover following which you upload your images. If required, you can put a news title or a subtitle. You can then save the image or share it on Facebook or MySpace quite easily. Images up to 8 MB can be uploaded.

4. Enjoypic


Enjoypic permits to put your image on around 100 magazine covers, such as Time, Make Up etc. Select a cover after which you upload your image or use any picture on the internet. You may require to tweak the picture on the magazine by resizing, cropping or dragging so that it appears great. Download the image or share it.

5. Yearbook Yourself


Transform your photo into a yearbook with black and white pictures. Choose an image and upload it in the yearbook. You can make four custom pages which can be added to the copy.

6. My Picture on Magazine


With My Picture on Magazine, you can create a fake magazine cover with the free tool in just a single click. It’s totally free and very easy. Select your image and choose the magazine first. After this click on the button titled “Generate My Cover Now”. The uploaded files get deleted automatically from the server when the process of conversion comes to an end.

7. Your Cover


Choose a magazine cover template and upload your photo with Your Cover. It can be used for giving as unique anniversary gifts, birthday gifts or gifts for any occasion.

8.Front Page For You


Choose from around 1277 covers with Front Page For You. If you want to find unique photo gift, this is the best site for you.

9. My Cover Pics


You can choose from a wide variety of magazines with My Cover Pics. Some of these are Today’s Golfer, OK, HELLO, Car and Driver and Anniversary among others.

10. Mago Fun


Mago Fun gives you the option of choosing from 60 unique magazines. The website helps you to make unique, custom fake magazine covers with great ease.