10 Convenient Ways To Design Your Studio-type Apartment

Spacious studio apartment

You are thinking about how to put life in your little space? We got your back! You donít need to renovate your whole room. Thereís a trick on how you make your area look relaxed and comfy!

Think about what you want it to look like before you get some things to use in decorating your studio-type apartment.

Would you want it to have a monochromatic design? Or do you prefer to have a pony themed room? It depends on you. But if you donít have any idea how and where to start, let us help you with that.

Here we will discuss some decorating tips, and all are doable and easy. So, letís get started transforming your little space!

The Use of Room Dividers

Got an open space in your apartment? Why not try to use some room dividers? Or, to be more creative, you can use your bookshelf and block some space for your either study or home office. Itís simple, but you have to plan it away.

Letís say you have a dressing room, kitchen, and living room. Putting doors could eat some space or maybe wonít fit at all. So having a divider could be the best alternative way instead of doors.

Have a Daybed

If your room seems to have limited space, why not use your bed and turn it into a daybed? Itís similar to loft beds, which have different functions. During the day, you can use your daybed as a couch. Just place your bed (single or a twin bed) against the wall and use large pillows, creating an illusion of a sofa. It could be perfect for your child or kids.

Adding Visual Interest

You can make your apartment look more interesting by using an accent wall. There are different accent wall designs. Itís up to you what you prefer to put on. It is best to use decoration to make your room look brighter and more prominent, just like the abstract style wallpaper. Once you put it on, itís like a giant art defining the space of your bedroom.

You can try looking at some paint artworks, or you can choose to create an art gallery on your walls. Look for some themes that you might find interesting. Or some art design that you think fits your personality.

Use Big and Bold Art

Big and bold art inside a studio-type apartment makes it look bigger. Choose an artwork you feel like using. The best part you can put it on could either be in your living room or above your head instead of using a headboard.

Defining space through Curtains

You can also use curtains to define your cute little space. Use curtains and get yourself privacy in your room by placing them around your bed or use it as your room divider. Instead of installing a sliding door, which consumes space, curtains could be the best alternative.

But do take note that there are different types of curtain texture. You may consider choosing a soft lace diaphanous kind of curtain. So light can stream through, making your space look brighter even the curtains are closed.

Creative Wall Shelves

As I mentioned earlier, you can use bookshelves (preferably tall and lean) as your room divider. But note that there are many creative bookshelves you can use. You can choose to have creative wall shelves floating shelves for less space consumption. Itís available in various sizes, so it depends on what you think suits your apartment.

Floating shelves give a contemporary vibe with a perception of minimalism. But note that floating shelves only carry small things or personal mementos for display.

Utilizing Corner Space

Utilizing space means that you will efficiently use every area in your apartment. Creating a corner banquette adds a personal touch to your little room. Itís best to do it if you see thereís a small portion in your room that seems quite empty. By having a banquette, it can also give an additional seating area.

The attraction of Loft Bed Space

Another way to design your apartment is by having a loft bed space. Usually, we need several furniture pieces like a closet and storage for other personal things in our room. But with a loft bed, you can put all things in one place. Itís an item of very functional furniture incorporated with fixtures like a desktop, above, or under your bed. Sometimes, thereís a hidden closet and bookshelf on the side and storage space for your shoes and other personal stuff. Itís multi-purpose creative furniture that can save you space.


Not enough space for the living room and bedroom? You can still creatively have both by using a sofa bed. A daybed is similar to a sofa bed. Itís a piece of furniture but with two functions. It does come in various types and sizes. 

Among the different types of sofa beds, a pull-out couch could be one of the best. It consumes less precious space in your apartment. Make sure to choose one that doesnít have to eat much space when you pull it out.

The illusion of a Mirror

Design your apartment with a mirror. Aside from reflecting light, mirrors can also look your space bigger. Your roomís reflection in the mirror can make your room look more expansive and more prominent. Thatís the trick why interior designers are using mirrors in decorating a room.

Whether you are just thinking of buying property in Philippines or already having a small condo unit in a condominium in Mandaluyong, planning for a design is essential.

You can decorate or design your studio-type apartment in so many ways. You just let your creativity speak and follow it. You donít have to spend too much money on creating your room. You can use budget-friendly alternatives to design your apartment and turn it into your dream home. Just do the tricks, and youíll see a remarkable transformation.