What is an inbound contact centre?

inbound contact centre

Inbound telemarketing is a hotline where the customer can call and get a detailed answer to their questions regarding products and services, and ideally, make a purchase. In fact, inbound telemarketing is when the customer himself goes to the salesperson and initiates the call, usually as a result of a successfully conducted advertising campaign. And your call center team can deliver consistent customer service through voice & digital channels with comprehensive inbound contact center software.

What tasks does the inbound call center software perform?

The implementation of high-quality inbound call center sales techniques which is increasingly being used by progressive companies, is an effective way to increase sales, provide information support for marketing campaigns and maintain the quality of customer service at a decent level.

Incoming call services include:

  • Serving what is known as an inbound hotline. All incoming calls are processed 24 hours a day, and every caller gets professional advice.
  • Hotline service for processing orders. It is a service for receiving calls, messages via email, social networks and chats from the company’s customers and their competent processing. Such service allows registering calls, booking products or time of service, making outgoing calls to confirm the order, and sending SMS.
  • Implementation of functions of dispatch service. This is a kind of hotline, providing not only receiving incoming calls, but also processing outgoing calls, which are formed by the system in automatic mode. Such calls include order confirmation, notification of dispatch, finding out the reasons for order cancellation, etc.
  • Virtual office and secretary. This is a service for receiving calls and their further distribution to the company’s personnel. This may be receiving not only calls, but also appeals in chat, via email, etc.
  • Backup call center. For a variety of reasons, such as exceeding the threshold load, there may be a failure of the company’s own telephone line. It is in these cases, remote call center operators will help to ensure uninterrupted reception of calls in order to maintain the quality of service at the proper level.
  • Call center services stimulate the development of any business area and help to increase sales conversion at minimum costs.

Benefits of using inbound call center software

Reduce call processing time

VoIPTime Contact Center software will help you easily manage the flow of incoming calls to your company and the operator will quickly handle each customer call according to the call script. The automatic call distribution system automatically distributes all incoming calls according to a pre-set algorithm: to the necessary department according to your employees’ qualifications, to an available operator or to the cell phone of a personal manager if a VIP client calls.

Due to integration with the CRM system, when the employee picks up the phone, all the necessary information about the client and the history of interaction with him will appear on the screen. Using a call script feature, the operator can easily answer the client’s questions, quickly enter the results of the communication, which significantly reduces errors, simplifies call processing and increases the quality of work of the employee.

Increase the efficiency of the employees’ work

Make your call center more transparent. VoIPTime Contact Center software will help you to keep your hand on the pulse of the situation and receive any analytics on the call center performance for a selected period of time in real-time mode.

The call center reporting contains all the necessary information about the calls, including call records. But you can also monitor all incoming and outgoing calls to the company in real time, and even connect to them.

In addition, the system allows you to monitor the current status of operators, and their personal statistics.

Increase customer loyalty

We know how important it is for your customers to feel needed, so we’ve developed call center functionality to increase customer loyalty. Intelligent call distribution allows callers to be directed immediately to a qualified employee, who is more likely to solve a customer’s issue without unnecessary switching.

And if the customer calls after-hours, the call center software will offer him to leave a voice message, which will be received by the manager in charge.

Call center automation will reduce the number of lost calls from 15-20% to 2-3% of the total calls, which will definitely increase client loyalty.

Increase the convenience of interaction with customers

In today’s world, the website is one of the main channels for promotion. That’s why Voiptime Cloud already has necessary features which can be easily integrated with your web-page – chat and callback from site. Your clients will be able to write a message or make a free call to your call center straight from your company’s website.

All chat messages will automatically be distributed between assigned agents, and with the increasing flow of messages, you can quickly assign additional employees to the same task.

Besides that, we have made it possible to flexibly distribute not only incoming calls, but also all the emails coming into the company.

Reduce staff workload

If your company has a growing volume of calls with frequently asked questions, we developed IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and text-to-speech features.

Your customers will get the answers they need as quickly as possible in automatic mode thanks to correctly designed voice messages and callers’ menu choice. A convenient voice menu editor will allow you to configure the necessary scripts without involving IT staff. Relieve your operators of routine operations and optimize their work – in our experience with VoIPTime Contact Center you will automate over 15% of all calls!

How long will it take to launch inbound call centre software?

VoIPTime Contact Center incoming call center software is a powerful platform that allows you to implement a call center in your company, automate calls processing by operators, and provide control of employee performance in just 24 hours. From huge call centers with hundreds of operators handling millions of calls per month to small companies which use VoIPTime software to automate receiving calls and making customer calls.