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Best Virtual Assistant Services for US

helpWhat is virtual assistant services?

Once you have your own business, you should spend your time in expanding your business and not be getting bogged down in general tasks and other to-do lists. Virtual assistant services are a time saver as they allow you to offload tasks to highly efficient remote workers, from wherever you are. At the cost of hiring any full-time employee, virtual assistants help you to operate your business more efficiently and in a much productive manner without hampering your personal life. A virtual assistant is a person who is a highly skilled person who works from a remote location for you virtually, that is the reason that virtual assistant services are amongst the most desired concepts in business these days.

What to look for when hiring a Virtual Assistant?

Just like there are good and bad fruits, you might have good and not-so-good virtual assistants. Before hiring a virtual assistant, you should keep in mind certain point that ensures that the person you hired is just perfect for your small business needs.

1. You must give the proper Job details before finding and hiring a virtual assistant, and must clearly specify what task is to be done.

2. Payment and healthy communication defines heavily the success of your business and the relationship between the owner and VA. They should be taken care of before the task starts, meetings and task distribution should be set as per the requirements, which may be daily or weekly according to the needs and reports can be dropped in mails or Google drive.

You and Your assigned VA should clearly discuss whether payment is on hourly basis or task based. If task-based, then workload must be considered and discussed and if hourly then time has to be tracked. what is mode of payment should be discussed before the first task is given.

3. If your company works on an odd schedule or may be on holidays, then you should check if your virtual assistant will be available in that time slot, as it is very important information specially if your customers are mostly from overseas.

4. You should check that your assigned VA is trained or not if you are going for a specialized work or procedures. Usually, VA's can handle the tasks, but it's important to know that you need to train them for a specialized work or they are already trained, and if at all they need training then will this time be included in the hours you are paying for job? Will that learning time be paid by you?

virtual assistantWe searched for companies that provides you with best and qualified help. These companies have their own hiring procedures that will save your time, and they take guarantee of their employees as these companies do background checks, interviews and performance tests to make sure you have a qualified and trustworthy individual. You can have a look for the best to be considered.

Best Virtual Assistant Services of 2017


It is a USA based company and provides its freelance services all over US AND UK. It started in the year 2007, which gives it the experience of being old in the industry. It offers attractive pricing and flexibility of hiring a VA. You are assigned a dedicated VA, but if any task is beyond the skills of your VA, they provide you with another VA who has the skills you need for a particular task to be done. Its speciality is that it has 10 hours plans and above hours' rollover for up to 60 days.


EAHELP is a USA based company and was started in 2012. They are very cheap in costing although they undergo rigorous training and vetting process. They provide you with the people who are skilled leaders and are result oriented. They are very professional and highly skilled at their job. There focus is completely on getting your task done in the best way. There costing is very low as compared to an on-site employee and they will give you the best solutions to grow your business faster than you can imagine. They will go through your work requirements and after their research they will assign you with the VA who will integrate easily with your work culture and grow your business.


It is an INDIA based company and was established in 2012. MyTasker virtual assistant service is best choice for small business and especially when you are looking for back office jobs. They have best reviews in spite of being little expensive than other overseas company. They provide you with 24/7 services, and in any case, when your assigned VA is not available at a particular time they will immediately provide you with another VA to help you with your task. They provide the best service at the price taken.


Task Rabbit provides the virtual assistants for on the spot jobs or the part-time jobs as well as for administrative tasks. When you don't want to hire any professional help for general physical chores like assembling furniture, its moving or any jobs related to cleaning or may be delivery, they are the best choice. They have an app TASKRABBIT, here they provide a list of task available in your surroundings. They connect you with the VA who can do your job so you can communicate about the work details, hours of work and the mode of payment directly to the person assigned through this app. They are the best to provide you with the physical labor help but not so good with the administrative services.


Red Butler's assign you help for phone call works, travel arrangements, bookkeeping, proofreading research work, scheduling and generating contact list. They are not the 24/7 types; they work 12 hours a day according to the U.S. time zone. Their plans are very flexible, and their benefits includes discounts and upgrades to restaurants, hotels, and businesses. They have nine step vetting process, and they have Fortune 500 companies as their clients. They provide you with the options of purchasing hours per project.


Uassist.ME is a virtual assistant company which was established in 2009 and is based in Miami and El Salvador. They provide services to the clients in USA and overseas. When looking for customer service law, designing, translation, marketing and communication they are the best-experienced company. They work in standard working hours and give you flexibility of hiring for as little as 20 hours to full time. They are good with administrative services like bookkeeping, graphic design, social media handling, and phone call jobs. They are a skilled batch of VA's.


Worldwide101 is a top rated, premium virtual assistant company. It has clients and assistants all over North America, Europe & Australia. It was established in 2009. Worldwide101 fulfils the demands of executive and demanding business people by providing them with the skilled virtual assistants who are well trained and qualified for administrative jobs, marketing works, customer services, management, and designing. The virtual assistants are of business grade and take all the responsibility and represent the company as well. They are specializing in providing personalized and customized virtual assistance. They first get to know your requirements and then make you meet the VA you will be provided and when you approve to it they assign a skilled team member that matches your skills and personality. 

8. 24/7 VIRTUAL

24/7 Virtual Assistant is company with locations in Atlanta, Georgia and India. The company was established in 2008, it is personnel outsourcing company and has attracted lot many clients from overseas. Their Virtual Assistants are highly trained and qualified to accomplish all your tasks. All you need is to register with them, and they will provide you with a virtual assistant who will dedicatedly work for you and help you in completing the task.
They have plans that fit to all the budgets, so if you won a small business or have a huge company, they are good in working with your requirements and budget.


Virtual Assist USA is a United States-based company, and mostly the employees are American so you will have less language and cultural issues. The employees working in the company undergo the extensive trainings on a regular basis for the latest technology and the procedures of business. They are highly skilled at their job, as the vetting process of the company asks for practically experienced employees. So, if you are looking for an expert in any specific field they are the best choice to go for. All the employees in the company have a good experience of their job which includes marketing, social media, e-commerce and administrative or skilled jobs.


TaskEveryday provides you with the Virtual assistants who can help you with everyday chores as the name suggests, they can make you presentations and complete your research jobs, help you out with your data base and handle your social media responses to live chats. They provide you with the help in local repairs as well as your personal and professional tasks. This is the best option if you are working on any odd schedules or holidays, like for catering services. They assist you 24/7. They assign you VA who is suitable to meet your time slot needs. Here payment is made according to the hours you have used and not based on task or specified plan. So it's easier for you to hire a VA, may be for one time or for a specified project.

Your business and your personal life can flourish with the help of these skilled virtual assistants in no time.

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Written by Shilpi Mathur on March 18, 2017 in Online Services