10 Best Free PDF Editor – For Both Online and Offline Usage

Best Free PDF Editor
There are many ways you can edit a PDF file, using a online or offline pdf editor and that’s without using Adobe’s Acrobat software. In this article we will see various methods by which we can easily edit a PDF document with the help some really good free PDF editor. PDF Editor is not only confined to changes in text, but we can also change the format, layout of elements inside the file. For example – if an image is aligned at the top left corner and we want to change its location then with simple drag and drop feature we can move the image from top left to top center.

Free PDF Editors

Most of the pdf editors below have same procedure – like drag and drop uploading of file and then editor will open, after that it saves and you can download it in your desired format. 


Visit site Operating system: In browser editing on Windows, MacOS, Linux It has a great range of tools supports Cloud-based functionality and PDF to Word converter is also there. Only downside is that it has a limited trial period.


Its one of the most popular free PDF editor as enables us to edit a PDF file by simply uploading and drag drop features which are very easy in comparison to other tools. One more advanced feature of PDFEscape is that it also give you option to edit a password protected PDF file.

JotForm’s Guide to Editing PDFs

Besides free PDF Editor tools, you can learn more about editing PDFs by checking out JotForm’s guide. It dives into common issues with editing PDFs, how to automate PDF creation using forms, and much more.

PDF-XChange Editor

Visit site

Operating system: Windows only

It has optical character recognition (OCR), with text editing capabitlites and it can also split and extract pages easily. You can also create watermarks on your documents 


Hosted by sourceforge, this software is easy to us and it enables you to edit the raw PDF objects with many GUI functions.

OpenOffice Draw

It has a extension for PDF import which let users to change the format and adds support to shapes, images, annotations etc.


Visit site It has easy to use and fast interface, the option of editing the pdf is simple and can be done quickly. 


Visit site With OCR option and other usual editing tools, PDF Candy is another superb editor that is web based. You can get export files in .doc and .docx format .


Visit site Another Free PDF Editor that is simple to use PDF editor from FormSwift. Edit any PDF, Images or Word Documents. E-signing is also easy to use. Download and print those PDF direct from the editor. Also you get sharing tools to forward it as required. Web interface to eliminate installing any software. Just upload, edit and go. Let us know, if you have more tools or programs which can edit a PDF file easily and can be included in this list of free pdf editor. We will be adding it to our list.