Traveling in Thailand

Krabi, Thailand

Thailand is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Famous for its postcard-worthy beaches, it is a favorite backpacker destination in Southeast Asia. The country is also a renowned shopping mecca for those looking for unique native products alongside bargain signature items at their famous night markets. Tourists from across the globe have been traveling around Thailand for many years now, attracted by the famous Thai cuisine, hot weather, lush jungles, exotic culture, and warm people.

Being a popular holiday destination for many decades now, Thailand has an extensive network and plenty of established modes of transportation to get you from one famous spot to another. You can get to all the exciting places around the kingdom by air, land, and sea.

Traveling by air is the easiest and fastest way to get around Thailand, but it is also the most expensive way to travel. The next best option is traveling by train. Thailand boasts of a decent railroad network covering 2,796 miles, and the scenery through the tropical countryside is a sight to behold. Getting across Thailand by train can also be reasonably cheap. If traveling by train, do not expect to reach your destination in record time as there are no high-speed trains in the country so allot more time if you are choosing this mode of travel. But trains can not go everywhere in Thailand. The widest form of transportation in the country is by bus as buses can go anywhere in Thailand. Hiring a car can be pretty expensive so getting around by bus is a practical way to travel. Renting a motorbike is also quite common and can get you across the country economically.

Besides sightseeing around their big cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai, island-hopping across Thailand’s famous islands can be the highlight of your visit to the kingdom. With the Andaman Sea on the west and the Gulf of Thailand on the east, Thailand has hundreds of fascinating islands with stunning beaches.

Traveling in Thailand will not be complete without a beach holiday. It is simply a must to experience unwinding along the gold-tinged beaches of Sai Daeng to the pearly sands of Sai Nuan. Koh Tao, which is Thai for “Turtle Island,” is world-famous as one of the best places to learn scuba diving. You will find diving instructors of different nationalities on the island. Aside from turtles, the coral reefs are home to a wide variety of colorful sea creatures. The hiking paths in the midst of the dense forest is another popular attraction. The nightlife scene at the popular bamboo bars in Koh Tao is also worth checking out. The warmth of the locals and the welcoming vibe of this small island will surely make your trip very memorable.

When exploring the islands, using the ferry is the primary mode of transportation. The alternatives are going by catamaran or chartering a private speedboat. Thailand has a well-established travel trail, so it is fairly straightforward to book a ride. You can book tickets online on your own or show up at the pier. If you opt to use a travel agency, expect any charge in fees. Most hotels and hostels can help you if you need assistance. They also usually have updated ferry schedules. Whatever ride you choose to travel from Koh Samui to Koh Tao, the trip to one of the Thai Gulf’s more authentic isles will definitely be the most unforgettable part of your Thailand experience.