An Insight into The Indian Online Visa Application Process!

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Do you wish to travel to India? If yes, the Indian Government has recently made some changes to its electronic application process. A tourist visa is granted to foreigners who do not have occupation or residence in India. The sole purpose of their visit to India is recreation, casual sightseeing or to meet relatives, friends etc. A tourist visa does not allow any other activity besides the above.

Tourist visas are generally issued from 3 to 6 months with single, double or multiple entry permits. The visa cannot be extended or converted. The duration of your Indian visa is the sole discretion of the Authority that issues it. All fees paid for your visa are non-refundable. The validity of your Indian visa starts from the date of issue under The High Commission of India and not from the date of travel mentioned in your visa application form.

Online Application Process for Indian Visa for travellers 

You need to apply for your travel visa for India online at least four days before your arrival. Your online visa comes with a 120-days “window of arrival period”. Now, what does that mean?

If you apply for your visa to India on the 1st of October, your date of arrival to India needs to be anywhere from the 5th of October to the 2nd of February. (120 days or 4 months). This is good news for travellers- you can apply for your visa to India far ahead of your arrival date. If you make changes to the date of arrival in India during this time, you do not have to worry about applying for a visa again.

The validity of your electronic visa to India

The validity of your electronic visa to India is 60 days. You have two entries, and the same rules apply to a business visa to India as well. However, the electronic medical visa to India is different. You have three entries instead of two entries however you cannot stay in India for more than 60 days.

Online Visa Application Process- What documents do you need for the application process

You need to submit your online visa application.

The process is simple. The documents you need for your online visa application to India are-

  1. Passport with validity of 6 months from the date of visa application with two blank pages for the visa. In case of dual citizenship of the USA and another nation, the application should be made with your USA passport.
  2. Digital Photograph-Given below are the general requirements:
  • The photograph should be in colour.
  • It should measure 51mm x 51mm or 2 inches by 2 inches.
  • The tone and clarity of the photograph should be clear.
  • Front view, full face with eyes open wide
  • Centre head in the frame
  • Plain white background
  • Free from distracting shadows on face or background
  • No head coverings with exceptions for religious reasons. Facial features from bottom chin to forehead with both edges of the face should be seen
  • Facial expression natural
  • No borders
  • No staples or signature
  • No light or white colour shirt as it blends with white background
  • Hair should not obscure the face. No reflections from hair
  • Attire should have colour, texture or pattern
  • All photographs should be the same. Assorted photographs will not be accepted.
  • Photo must not have red eyes or lines
  • Only one person in the photograph
  • Photograph grade should be professional. Personal home printer photographs are not accepted.

For additional instructions on photographs to be submitted for Indian visa online, refer to the above- mentioned website.

  1. Check with the Issuing authorities about the current visa fees. Note these fees are non-refundable.
  2. Duly filled in visa application and declaration form with signatures

Persons who nationality was previously Indian before acquiring the nationality of another nation

Such persons need to submit a copy of Surrender Certificate and Cancelled Indian Passport that should be self-attested or if travelling to India in the past, a copy of their previous passport along with visa to India.

Minors below the age of 16 years

Minors below the age of 16 years need to produce a copy of their birth certificate with both names of their parents. A consent letter should be addressed to the High Commission of India or respective consulates with the signature of both parents. Photocopies of passports of both parents with copies of current Indian Visa if holding one. If the parents are Indian citizens, then a resident status of the nation is required. In the event of child custody, divorce, a letter from the court for the child is needed. In the case of a single parent, a child benefit and solicitor’s letter are needed. For the application or declaration of the minor, either of the parents may sign the form.

Applicants for an Indian visa must note that photocopies of all supporting documents must be submitted unless the originals of the same are requested. The list mentioned above is exhaustive, and the High Commission of India reserves the right to ask for any additional documents if needed.

Processing time for online visa

The processing time varies from one application to another. It generally depends on the Issuing Authority. In some cases, specific applications might take longer than other others. It is prudent to confirm your travel plans after getting your Indian visa. However, the average processing time for an online visa is 3-5 working days. People of Indian Origin, US citizens, require reference and for non-US citizens, the time takes longer around 1-2 weeks. However, in some instances, the processing time for the online visa application to India might extend and go beyond 1-2 weeks.

Therefore, if you have the wish or plan to travel to India, keep the above online travel visa application requirements in mind. Consult a travel agent in your nation to help you clear doubts and concerns. The online application process for your Indian visa saves time, and the best part is you can complete the application process from the comforts of your home without hassles at all!