50+ Best Sites To Download Free Sound Effects

Music is a great way to relax our minds when we are in some serious mood. Listening to music is a kind of therapy that makes our mind cool and out of tension for some moments. Lots of depends on sound effects other than lyrics to make a wonderful song that makes you happy or sad.

Sounds effects is always been an important part in any medium of entertainment from music to movies, animation to games etc. The right kind of ingredients in sound effects assist your brain to understand and heart to enjoy the song or video.

You can know the importance of sound effects when you can’t find them in the song. It’s like you are eating boiled food without spices with no taste. It simply means that quality sound effects is always important to make your music stand out from the crowd.

If you are musician or a artist – you already know the importance and might be using various softwares to make our own sound effects. But, you know there are various sites that offer you to download free sound effects and I am listing the same in this article.

So, look up 50+ best sites to download free sounds effects and I am sure you will easily find various cool sound effects for your next project.

Also see this video by Filmora.io on places to find free sound effects for your Videos:

1. Flash Kit

2. Soungle


3. Soundboard


4. SoundBible


5. Freesound Project


6. Audio Micro

Audio Micro

7. Sound-Effect

8. SoundSnap


9. FindSounds


10. SFX Source

SFX Source
11. A1 Free Sound Effects

A1 Free Sound Effects

12. Soundrangers


13. Partners In Rhyme

Partners In Rhyme
14. Acoustica

15. Ljudo

16. Nature Sounds

Nature Sounds
17. Pac DV

Pac DV
18. Alc Ljudprod

Alc Ljudprod
19. Hollywood Edge

Hollywood Edge
20. Download Sound Effects
Download Sound Effects 21. SNDBRD

22. Brandens

23. Animal Sounds

Animal Sounds
24. I Love Waves

I Love Waves
25. Simply The Best Sound

Simply The Best Sound
26. Zero 1 Media

Zero 1 Media
27. Boogie Jack

Boogie Jack
28. AutoSpeak

28. Special Operations

Special Operations
29. Little Music Club

Little Music Club
30. Guide to Animal Sounds on the Net

Guide to Animal Sounds on the Net

31. Stoutman’s Sounds

Stoutman’s Sounds
32. Cool Wavs

Cool Wavs
33. Free Audio Clips

Free Audio Clips
34. Event Sounds

Event Sounds
35. WavCentral

36. WavPlanet

37. Movie Sound Clips

Movie Sound Clips
38. Wav-Sounds

39. TalkingWav

40. Tintagel’s Free Sound File Archive
Tintagel’s Free Sound File Archive 41. Pachd

42. Amazing Sounds

Amazing Sounds
43. Wav Sound Files
Wav Sound Files

44. The Recordist

The Recordist
45. Sound Jay

Sound Jay
46. FreeSFX

47. Sounds FX Page

Sounds FX Page
50. Free Sound Effects

Free Sound Effects Collections

51. Water Sounds

Water Sounds

52. 3dmm Studio

3dmm Studio

53. Media College

Media College

54. Wav Surfer

Wav Surfer

55. A1 Prank Calls

A1 Prank Calls

56. Sounds & Noise

Sounds & Noise

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  1. Liza89 says

    For FREE download I recommend this one: soundsboom.com
    More than 600.000 sound effects and loops!!!!!!!!!!!!

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