3 Best Call Tracking Software & Buyers Guide

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Call Tracking Software

Call tracking software offers dynamic phone numbers to help you measure the ROI of all the digital marketing efforts. This gives the user to know the source of the phone leads and track which ads, channels, and marketing campaigns result in the most phone leads. Generally, call tracking helps in making it easy to integrate the effectiveness of online and offline campaigns by showing the user why clients are calling.

Call Tracking Software: Advantages

Increase ROI with more excellent customer knowledge:

They are getting to know where, when, and why a customer requested to pick up the phone is critical for company growth and increasing campaigns. User will have reaches to a much richer set of data about what marketing steps are paving a way to direct ROI, so the user will be able to cut the plans that are not fruitfully working and enhance output on ideas that are.

Give the sales team a good boost with customer relationship management (CRM) integration:

When integrated with CRM software, user’s sales team will have immediate information about who is calling or communicating. User and the group have that caller’s name, location, occupation, and call history, and will have a much better scope of starting on the bright side of the business.

Increase training and quality :

With speech-to-text and recorded calls, user’s QA team has more effective access to every request to ensure user sales team is functioning at the best performance.

Call Tracking Software: Features

Caller identification:

Identify the calling number and contact information of a caller before answering the phone to offer user employees with most key information, before the call takes place.

Caller profiles:

Store and get essential caller information within an accessible database. User employees can then access crucial client information with a simple search.

Call recording:

Record and review call from a centralized dashboard, saving recorded calls for compliance, training, and quality control.

Call routing:

Send voice calls to a different queue based on pre-accessed criteria.

Call transcription:

Convert voice to text for best quality control features.

Campaign attribution:

Calculate campaign influence by collecting the keyword tracking, and revenue sources to user get to know how the marketing team efforts are going on.

Conversion tracking:

Monitor conversion rates and analyze the effectiveness and profitability of marketing efforts to provide for driving growth.

Keyword tracking:

Collected data based on keywords used on phone calls and online to help improve future marketing campaigns.

IVR/voice recognition:

Recognize and detect varying frequencies in a person’s voice to identify and verify who is speaking.

Call Tracking Software: Cost

Most products available in the market are priced every month. Pricing can be divided into three pricing tiers based on their starting price. A premium product is priced higher and has some key unique features, like unlocking more minutes, spam protection, and automation options.

Call Tracking Software: Points to Ponder

Integration with other software:

Relative to other types of software, call tracking can present some challenges with integration. If user good company has plans to upgrade the call centre or telephony platform, the most natural solution is finding software which incorporates call tracking functionality off the shelf.

Don’t overpay for additional you won’t use:

Many of the stand-alone call tracking solutions integrate with other types of software. CRM and sales software are the two most common, so if the client is already using one, the user should look for call tracking software that’s more trimmed down to just the core features you need.

Call Tracking Software: Trends

Rise of automating key processes :

While currently not a core or even common feature, more and more call tracking software providers are including many forms of automation in user premium options. Not only does automation offer to eliminate the more tedious aspects of client teams’ job, but services are automatically calling potential customers.

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