Top 5 Best WiFi Hotspot Software

Internet – something we can’t think of living without. But considering developing country like ours, access to a good internet connection is still a tough task. With mobile internet and Public Wifi still in its nascent stage in India, getting internet connection via WiFi hotspot is an alluring idea since both our smartphones and laptops come with in-built WiFi feature.

While sharing mobile internet via hotspot is easier in Smartphones, but when it comes to Windows-based computers, it comes little tricky to setup WiFi hotspot.

So if you are looking for simple solution to setup hotspot without any hassles, then read our list of top 5 WiFI hotspot software, to save your time and effort.

1. My WiFi Router

Available free of cost, this software is the one we recommend when it comes to computers with Windows XP, 7 and 8 with both 32-bit and 64-bit architecture. It not only provides WiFi hotspot, but also come with pretty good set of features mentioned below:

a. You can rename the devices connect, ban them or limit the speed which gives better management.
b. It provides the ability to share videos via WiFi which you can access from your smartphone browser.
With its minimal layout and simple UI, this software is among the most seamless WiFi Hotspot router.

2. MaryFi

This software-based WiFi router gives you the ability to create hotspots with simple steps. Supporting Windows 7 PC, this free router also comes with minimal architecture and features. So, if you need to share your internet connection via hotspot, this is among best choice.

Using this tool, you can also receive signals from a WiFi Modem and resend the signal via your PC, working as WiFi-Repeater.

Another feature that stands out is “No Ads” experience.

3. MyPublicWiFi

This freeware is easy-to-use and comes with simple UI. This software supports Windows 7, 8 and Windows Server 2008 supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows PCs.  Other major features of this software are as below:
a. It gives the ability to discover which devices are connected to the WiFi hotspot.
b. With URL Logging, you can keep track of websites accessed by the users during the session.
c. It also helps in creating an extended WiFi region by utilization of its WiFi Repeater feature.

4. mHotSpot

If you need to setup a hotspot in a faster and simpler way without spending anything, just install mHotSpot, assign hotspot name, password, internet source and maximum client number limit. This freeware is compatible only with Windows 7 and 8. Its other features are as follows:
a. You can setup hotspot for a maximum of ten users.
b. It provides the ability to know connected devices’ details and resource consumptions.
c. With its size of 400 KB, this software is the best choice for those who have slow internet connection.

5. Connectify

This paid hotspot software comes with a variety of features with different plans. Meanwhile, it also has a free version with provides limited capabilities.

In Pro Plan, a user can easily remove hotspot shut-off timer, and allow sharing internet from 3G and 4G devices. In basic plan, you can share your wired internet connection with ease but with no ability to utilize 3G and 4G devices’ internet, this software is at a disadvantage in comparison with different available software who are also free.

With this, we end our list of best WiFi HotSpot software for Windows PCs. Hope you will find this article, informative as well as useful for your internet experience. Do share your views and comments.