Ransomware Task Force : Microsoft, McAfee & others join

Ransomware Task Force is a task force which Microsoft, Citrix, McAfee, and the Institute for Security and Technology (IST), all the strong names, initiative to combine private, public and non-profit entities in the search for the union of forces the ability to respond more effectively to the problems of ransomware that appear on the internet constantly.

Increasing concern in the technology market, ransomware attacks officially won this week an important rival, which will seek through the union of companies specialized in the technology and security market, creating a task force called Ransomware Task Force (RTF).

According to the official writing made on the Institute for Security and Technology (IST) blog, it is mentioned that the RTF will commission specialists and interested parties to come together to get solutions.

RTF will be evaluating existing solutions at various levels of the ransomware death chain, identifying gaps in the solution application, and creating a roadmap of concrete goals and actionable milestones for high-level decision-makers.

For contributing to the final roadmap, RTF will commission expert work and involve stakeholders in all industries to examine solutions.

Below, you can see the 19 companies that are part of the ransomware task force (RTF):-

  • Aspen Digital
  • Citrix
  • The Cyber Threat Alliance
  • Cybereason
  • The CyberPeace Institute
  • The Cybersecurity Coalition
  • The Global Cyber Alliance
  • McAfee
  • Microsoft
  • Rapid7
  • Resilience
  • SecurityScorecard
  • Shadowserver Foundation
  • Stratigos Security
  • Team Cymru
  • Third Way
  • UT Austin Stauss Center
  • Venable LLP
  • Institute for Security and Technology

More information related to the new group is due to be released soon as soon as the Ransomware Task Force’s official website becomes available, which will possibly happen in January 2021.

It is hoped that with this joint work, the various organizations will be more successful in what, at times, appears to be a losing battle. According to Philip Reiner, executive director of the Institute for Security and Technology: “Many groups have tried to solve this problem in isolation by sector. If we continue to operate like this, we will not be able to overcome this threat.”

Last year, ransomware attacks grew 41 per cent, and average payments made to attackers reached 155,000 euros. In 2020, many large companies were attacked, including Carnival Corp, Canon, Garmin, Mattel and Capcom