Honor Play Review: Flagship Grade Performance within Your Budget

honor play

Honor’s fleeting ascent has made it very predominant in the smartphone world starting late. The Huawei sub-mark has achieved in excess of 70 unique nations over the globe and offers smartphones in a wide range of value fragments. In the spending fragment, we have the Honor 7A, Honor 7C and 9 Lite. In the mid-run fragment, there are the Honor 7X, 9i, 8, and the Honor 9N. In the lead extend, there are Honor View 10 and the Honor 10.

The Honor Play, be that as it may, is an alternate story. It utilizes indistinguishable equipment from the premium level smartphone, for example, the Honor View 10 or the Honor 10; however, it has a sticker price lower than them two. The gadget has been propelled in China as a gaming smartphone and this is generally a direct result of the huge e-Sports scene in the nation.

In India, the Honor Play is being promoted as a performance-centric gadget at a cost that is similarly lower than the opposition. This opposition, being referred to, is from the Samsung Galaxy J8, Vivo V9, Huawei P20 Lite and in all likelihood it will confront some opposition from the Xiaomi Mi A2. Nonetheless, subsequent to utilizing the smartphone, we understood that what the Honor Play is putting forth at its value point is amazing individually. We got the 6 GB RAM + 64 GB inbuilt storage variant of the smartphone. Well, we would definitely recommend you to buy Honor Play. Read this article to know the reason.

Build quality and design

honor play

The Honor Play just appears to be unique from other Honor smartphones on account of the full-metal unibody plan. The Honor 10 propelled before it wore a glass back, and each ongoing Honor gadget we have seen, for example, the 9 Lite, the 9N, additionally sports a glass back. The Honor Play’s bent edges and metallic casing gave me a decent hold on the gadget, something that is very required for a smartphone that is based on gaming.

The back of the smartphone sees a double camera setup and a unique mark sensor. One plan imperfection we couldn’t get over was that the unique mark sensor was put somewhat higher than anticipated. It was not in a situation in which my fingers would arrive normally. On the base, we see an earphone jack, a mono speaker, and a USB Type-C port. The half breed SIM opening is available on the left half of the smartphone.

The front of the smartphone is almost indistinguishable from both the Huawei P20 Lite and the Honor 10. We see a notched screen on the Honor Play in light of the fact that obviously, that is a thing now in about every one of the 2018 smartphones. The Honor branding is seen on the little chin of the smartphone while the notch, which is somewhat greater than the OnePlus 6 notch, houses the forward-looking camera, earpiece, and the sensors.


The Honor Play has a dynamic, bright and satisfying presentation. The 6.3-inch screen has an LCD board, yet we find that despite everything it stays aware of an OLED panel on saying the OnePlus 6. The widescreen additionally implies that the review involvement on the gadget is very engaging. The content on the smartphone was sharp and fresh. We saw video content on the smartphone utilizing diverse points and there appeared to be no perceptible shading shift. The smartphone can likewise get adequately splendid in radiant conditions and furthermore truly diminish around evening time.

The smartphone additionally accompanies an eye-comfort mode which sifts through blue light to bring down visual weakness. We discovered this element very valuable while perusing around evening time. The screen additionally cleverly takes after your face in an element called a smart rotate. Fundamentally, on the off chance that you are watching landscape content while resting, the screen won’t rotate to representation mode. Thats really clever component.

Gratefully, the notch on the top does not act as a burden in the greater part of the cases as all major applications have been advanced for its utilization. You can conceal the notch utilizing Honor’s product based arrangement, yet as we would see it, you won’t require it except if you completely loathe the notch. Regardless, since the smartphone has an LCD screen, the top region on the two sides of the notch will keep on being lit up.


The smartphone has FHD+ 6.3-inch IPS LCD display with a 19.5:9 aspect ratio and resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels. The smartphone has dimensions of 157.9 x 74.3 x 7.5 mm which is about the same as that of the Honor 10.

The smartphone is being advertised as an execution gadget and thusly it has the Huawei’s awesome chipset, Kirin 970. In spite of the fact that we need to state that I’ve become worn out on Huawei and Honor’s consistent pushing of the 970 chipsets in a few smartphones and afterward considering it a leader gadget. The Mali G72 MP12 deals with the graphics related workload.

Aside from that, the smartphone additionally has 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of UFS 2.0 greetings speed inward capacity. In its value extend, you won’t discover the UFS 2.0 capacity in any smartphone, which is very noteworthy. The smartphone likewise has another component called as GPU Turbo which supports gaming execution and spares battery in the meantime. We will discuss it later on. The capacity of the smartphone can be extended utilizing a miniaturized scale SD card of up to 256 GB of storage.

In the camera division, that the smartphone has a 16 MP + 2 MP rear cameras which are obviously AI-fueled. The essential sensor has EIS and a f/2.2 aperture while the auxiliary sensor is there for profundity detecting and has a f/2.4 aperture. On the front, we see that the smartphone has a 16 MP sensor alongside a f/2.0 aperture.

The smartphone likewise accompanies the gathering mode include for the individuals who are keen on that sort of stuff. Essentially, it enables you to associate different Honor Play gadgets to play a similar tune.

Aside from that, the smartphone has a 3,750 mAh battery with quick charging abilities. As far as availability choices, we get a half and half SIM space with 4G VoLTE abilities, Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/air conditioning, double band, Wi-Fi Direct, hotspot, FM Radio, a 3.5 mm earphone jack and a USB 2.0 write C reversible port.


To my enormous alleviation, we found that Honor’s product issues have been put to bed. Huawei’s custom EMUI 8.2 skin is overlaid upon Android 8.1 Oreo and despite the fact that I’m a man who inclines toward stock Android; we felt that EMUI was not all that awful either.

My past involvement with EMUI has been frustrating, without a doubt. The movements were not smooth, there were a few UI glitches, and by and large, the skin appeared to be extremely cumbersome and antiquated. On the Honor Play, the greater part of these issues has been settled.

We were welcomed by a streamlined application area with smooth movements and a few customization choices for the application cabinet. The settings menu additionally hopes to have been changed with more bright symbols. Likewise, Honor has packaged in the SwiftKey console with the Honor Play which will take some becoming accustomed to, particularly in the event that you are utilized to the Google Gboard.

The warnings are the place we confronted a slight hiccup. With the notch present on the top, whatever we could see on the top were the flag bar, Wi-Fi quality, battery level and the sound profile that the gadget has been set to. Other application notices are just accessible once you swipe down from the top. We trust it can be settled through future programming refreshes.


honor play

Performance is something that has been said a considerable amount for the Honor Play. Yet, don’t get tricked by it. What the Honor Play is truly showcased similar to a gaming smartphone. As said previously, in China, the smartphone is being sold as a gaming gadget due to the enormous eSports industry there. Be that as it may, how great is the gaming knowledge on this smartphone? Short answer: For its cost, very amazing.

Here’s the long answer. Immediately, you see that the Honor Play does not pack in any extras that look gaming-driven or bid to the psyche of a normal gamer. A decent case of a gaming smartphone would in all likelihood be the Asus ROG smartphone. We mean the smartphone has two write C ports, another port for appending peripherals, a cool RGB lighting on its logo at the back, stereo speakers, an overclocked CPU, a cooling instrument and a mess of different contraptions that make the smartphone a gamer’s wet dream. Obviously, this comes at a weighty sticker price as well, however, in a perfect world that is the manner by which a gaming smartphone should look.

The Honor Play does not have any of those. In any case, for a gadget that expenses under Rs 25,000, you won’t expect such kinds of considerations. What the Honor Play gives you as far as a gaming help is the quickest chipset presently in the Huawei stable, which is the Kirin 970 and another innovation called the GPU Turbo.

Presently without really expounding the GPU Turbo basically assumes control over the graphical workload so the CPU is allowed to do other work. Take for instance PUBG. Rendering the whole guide of the size that PUBG has, places an enormous load on both the CPU and GPU of the smartphone. Along these lines at once, just that much part in a diversion is rendered which is obvious to you. When you change your view, the GPU renders the part that is before you and the beforehand rendered see is either erased or put away in the storage memory.

From the constrained communication with Honor about the GPU Turbo, we generally assembled that this innovation goes about as a go between the CPU and the GPU to avoid pointless rendering of articles in the amusement. According to Honor, this will expand designs preparing effectiveness by 60 percent while lessening the SoC vitality utilization by 30 percent. While this innovation is as of now in the Honor Play, it will likewise be accessible on the Honor 10, Honor View 10, Honor 8 Pro, Honor 9, Honor 9 Lite and the Honor 7X by means of a product refresh.

To try out the element, we downloaded some escalated diversions, for example, PUBG and Asphalt 9. Normally, we turned up the illustrations settings to the most extreme and played a few rounds. Presently I would not go so far as to state this was my best gaming background on a smartphone as that Honor is as yet held by the OnePlus 6. Be that as it may, we were amazed at how liquid the gameplay was. We assuredly did not anticipate that this smoothness will remain past 10-15 minutes, however to my charming astonishment; the two amusements went ahead easily or without warming up the metal body of the gadget excessively. So credit to Honor on the warm administration also.

There is additionally one all the more thing that Honor has presented in the Honor Play and it’s called as the 4D Smart Shock. Essentially, on the off chance that you are playing a diversion like PUBG and you are getting hit by projectiles, the smartphone will emulate the shots as a vibration, much like the ones we feel in PS4 or Xbox One controllers. This component isn’t yet accessible and will turn out later in an OTA refresh. Running some standard benchmarking tests, the smartphone seems to put numerous smartphones in its value range to disgrace. Particularly the Vivo V9, Galaxy J8, Huawei P20 Lite. In synopsis, for a smartphone that is underneath the Rs 25,000 stamp to run such overwhelming designs escalated diversion so easily is the gadget’s X-factor. Having played a similar diversion on the Galaxy J8 and the Vivo V9 demonstrated to me how great the Honor Play really is. Joining the Kirin 970, GPU Turbo, 6 GB or 4 GB of DDR4 RAM and 64 GB of inner storage makes for a smooth gaming background.

Aside from that, the smartphone’s unique mark peruser appeared to be very quick and responsive as was the face open instrument. We will go so far as to state that the OnePlus 6 confront open, which is absurdly quick, has met its rival. Gratefully, the smartphone has an earphone jack which likewise offers encompass sound for a more immersive gaming background. We additionally found that the situation of the earphone jack, on the simple left of the smartphone’s edge to be thoughtful, as the wire does not meddle while playing recreations in scene mode.


honor play

We’ll initially get the terrible calls attention to of the way. While Honor has touted a great deal about the “AI Camera” on the Honor Play, I myself trusted it to be a showcasing trick, best case scenario. Presently Honor guarantees that the Honor Play’s AI camera can perceive 22 protests in more than 500 situations. Despite the fact that that may be valid, amid our testing, I found that this AI includes burglarized the photograph of its common hues and rather made them excessively splendid and soaked. The same can be said in the forward-looking camera too. Huge numbers of the picture lighting highlights influenced me to look more like an anime character instead of demonstrating to me my real face. Low light photography isn’t up to the blemish on the Honor Play. In any event, it isn’t something I would expect on a smartphone that expenses around Rs 24,000. Enumerating in night shots is aslant and no doubt the camera sensors are not sufficiently substantial to catch the low light. In that capacity, the camera offers constrained unique range around evening time and the AI include just exacerbates the photo. The AI mode just leaves a great deal to be wanted and is no place near the esteem expansion that the camera and preparing on the Honor 10 gave.

Having said that, when the Honor Play isn’t utilizing its AI camera and its enthusiastic post-handling, the smartphone catches some decent photographs. The camera UI, which looks vigorously roused by iOS, is very simple to utilize and responsive. Photographs are taken immediately, despite the fact that the smartphone will request that you hold your hand relentless to expand the sharpness subsequent to clicking a photograph. In great lighting conditions, the camera likewise indicated sufficiently fair unique range however regardless we feel that presentation adjustment on the smartphone can be enhanced as it has a tendency to overexpose frequently.

The representation mode on the smartphone isn’t the best I’ve found in its value section as, at times, the foundation obscure felt hurriedly done. In any case, generally, the bokeh mode delivered a pleasant impact and the photographs clicked are sufficiently acceptable for online life.

The smartphone can shoot 4K video at 30 fps and 1080p recordings at 60 fps. The smartphone has EIS out-of-the-case, yet as we would like to think, on the off chance that you adore shooting recordings then this smartphone isn’t for you. The recordings shot on the Honor Play are somewhat jerky and tend to maintain chasing for focus, which ruins the video yield. We would exceedingly suggest that you click photographs with no of the AI highlights empowered to get great, perfect and fresh photographs. For a camera examination, we picked the Vivo V9 and Samsung Galaxy J8 as rivalry for the Honor Play.

In spite of the fact that the Galaxy J8 delivered more brilliant and practical shots, photographs clicked by the Honor Play had all the more light in them. The V9 came behind the two cameras in the test. On the front camera, doubtlessly the unmistakable champ was the Galaxy J8 remembering how the Vivo V9 made its specialty depending on the front camera. Be that as it may, the Honor Play was not very a long ways behind. Bottomline: You are not purchasing the Honor Play for an incredible camera, yet for its handling paces and gaming center. In any case, for a general client, the Honor Play will deliver not too sufficiently bad photographs that are satisfying to take a gander at. The AI mode is best kept away from.

Battery backup

The Honor Play has a 3,750 mAh Li-Po battery which bolsters quick charging. A decent battery is something that a gaming-driven smartphone assuredly needs and we need to state that I’m very happy with the battery life on the Honor Play. We played PUBG for around 35-40 minutes on the most astounding designs conceivable and saw just a 20 percent decrease in the battery. There are a few variables required, for example, we were playing on Wi-Fi and not on versatile information and furthermore, the screen was over 50 percent brilliance levels.

All things considered, just a 20 percent diminish after almost 40 minutes of high designs gaming appears to be very noteworthy to me. Doubtlessly the GPU Turbo isn’t only a trick after all things considered and help in giving a knock to the smartphone’s battery life.

By and large use, the smartphone happened to last me for around one and a half days. A lot of battery was left finished even after a great deal of video gushing on a 4G association while the screen was at 75 percent splendor. Credit to Honor for putting in an awesome and tough battery.


In the event that you appreciate a great deal of versatile gaming and are on a sensibly tight spending plan and devour a considerable measure of video content, at that point you should go for Honor Play.

You won’t get an all the more great gadget under Rs 25,000 as the Honor Play. Truly, the camera is defective and the UI isn’t the best out there, however it is intended to be a gaming-focused smartphone and ought to be dealt with in that capacity. On the off chance that you are not a gamer and feel the great chipset is pointless excess for your requirements, at that point, there are numerous choices, for example, the Nokia 7 Plus, the Vivo V9 or the Oppo F7 for a more broadly useful gadget, which you should consider.

It has an incredible battery life, an extraordinary display, encompassing sound for immersive gaming and obviously a top-notch chipset. It is, as we had specified in my initial introductions: A metallic Honor 10 with an attention on gaming.

The smartphone is accessible available to be purchased only on Amazon and the deal has just started since 6 August.