5 Trendy Technologies That Will Dominate 2019


We are living in what can be appropriately called the digital age, where technology is booming in a way that it never has before. Advancement of technologies like AI, VR, CloudComputing, IoT and Blockchain have impacted the lives of everyone, whether one is a student, an employee, a small business owner or just someone who loves to play online games or gamble.

Speaking of online gambling, VR is set to revolutionize the world of online gambling in a way that never been heard of, as previously the only way one could get the real casino experience was by travelling and visiting one—not something that everyone could afford—but VR technology is all set to change this status quo.

So, along the same lines, let’s have a these 5 technologies that are sure to totally dominate 2019.

Blockchain Technology

Anyone who has spent time around virtually any tech community would have almost definitely come across the word ‘Blockchain’. This technology has been hyped up for years now and is still driving techies crazy with excitement and this is sure to continue in 2019.

While blockchain technology is most popularly associated with cryptocurrency, it has a lot more to offer than just that, so much that it has been called the most disruptive technology since the internet! If that doesn’t make one excited for blockchain, nothing else will.

2019 will see the rise in the popularity of blockchain based games, cryptocurrency credit cards, loans, and insurance as well as projects that are going to exponentially increase the security of transitions that place over it. Along with even more companies putting investment into it, blockchain is sure to rule 2019 and might actually emerge as the defining technology of the decade.

Artificial Intelligence

Even a few decades ago, artificial intelligence—or AI—was seen as something that belonged only in the realm of sci-fiction but nowadays it isn’t just a reality, it is becoming a very common technology. When AI was first introduced, it was reserved for supercomputers and such but now even the most basic of smartphones have at least some AI in them.

That is to say nothing of the high-end smartphones where AI serves as in an integral part from activities such as setting reminders and even clicking pictures. Ok,Google and Alexa have come a long way since their inception and people who are using these services are overwhelmingly happy with them.

2019 will continue to see the rise in the integration of AI in everyday things that makes even it more accessible to the general public and thus dominate a major part of 2019.

Virtual Reality

The entertainment industry has always been lacking one thing. No matter how good the movie, TV show or game, the player could never immerse themselves 100% into it. Virtual Reality technology has the potential to offer a level of immersive entertainment that humanity has ever seen, pushing the phrase ‘it was like being in the movie’ closer towards its literal meaning.

This is a particularly exciting technology for gamers as the will be able to experience games that allow them to move around an interact with their gaming avatars and actually experience first-person games like ‘Call of Duty’ in the way that they were always intended to, not by just using a joystick.

People who engage in online gambling will also absolutely love virtual reality as it would allow them to get as close as possible to gambling in a real casino without ever having to leave the comfort of their home.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things—or IoT—is another technology that has gotten a lot of buzz in the preceding years and 2019 will see it getting adopted by even more people as the prices of deceives required for it continues to become more and more affordable.

There is just such immense joy people get from the idea of their home or room being automated that IoT’s rise has always been virtually guaranteed and with the increase in affordability, it has become a worldwide phenomenon.

Google Home and Alexa combine AI and IoT to give the best experience possible and with the speed at which they are flying off the shelves, it is easy to predict that IoT is gonna be all the rage in 2019.

Cloud Computing

While some might argue that including cloud computing in this list would be like including the internet itself into it but that just goes to how insanely popular cloud computing has become in the past few years.

But what makes cloud computing justify its position on this is list the fact that it is still undergoing major innovation and is sure to become even more popular in 2019. Services like Google Drive and Dropbox continue to see a rise inthenumber of users but new startups have started to push the technology ahead in surprising new ways.

Moreover, cloud computing is very easy to integrate with all the technologies mentioned above which virtually guarantees that it is absolutely set to utterly dominate 2019.

With these 5 technologies trending all through 2019, a day when people have homes where every device is linked through IoT with AI machines that operate on the blockchain using cloud computing to manage, data is not too far away.

Image Credits: Technologie from Willyam Bradberry/Shutterstock