3 Ways to Use Technology to Further Streamline Your Online Business


Starting a business is easy thanks to ecommerce and the internet in general. You don’t have to have your own store or invest in a large inventory to sell products to customers; you just need a good ecommerce site and you are all set.

The same can be said for manufacturing. It is easy to find third-party manufacturing companies to help with the fabrication of your products. You can have products made to your specifications without actually visiting the manufacturing line or having one yourself.

Even when the business is running, technology is still your best friend. There are many ways you can further streamline your ecommerce operations. We are going to talk about three ways to use technology to streamline your online business in this article.

1. Better Data Management with Barcodes

There are a few important tasks you need to handle in order to fulfill customers’ orders. You need to manage the incoming orders, pack the right products, prepare shipping labels and invoices, and ship the packaged products accordingly.

Many ecommerce operations handle these tasks manually. There is nothing wrong with handling every part of the workflow manually, but there is a lot to be gained from streamlining the process further. The solution? Barcodes.

Using a high-speed and accurate barcode scanning app, most of the steps you need to take can be fully automated. There are enterprise solutions that integrate barcode scanning with functions like inventory management, invoicing, and shipping seamlessly.

Just scan the barcodes at every step, and the correct details are entered into the system automatically. Not only will the entire workflow be more efficient, but errors can also be minimized.

2. Effective Inventory Management with Forecasting

One of the biggest advantages of running an online business is that you don’t have to maintain a large inventory. In fact, you can dropship most of the orders and have products delivered from suppliers directly to customers; this is done while maintaining your brand and presence.

When inventory is needed – when you manufacture your own products, for instance – you can once again turn to technology for a more streamlined workflow. What you need is a capable inventory management solution.

One feature you’ll benefit from the most is inventory forecast. Based on past orders and other data, the inventory management solution can predict the suitable inventory size. You’ll be able to handle spikes in orders better too.

3. Targeted Marketing with Programmatic Ads

Marketing is another big part of an online business that needs to be handled seriously. Through good marketing campaigns, you can establish your brand as the go-to brand for the product category. At the same time, marketing can help boost sales and produce a high level of conversion.

In recent years, programmatic ads are how you stay close to potential customers. Using marketing tactics such as retargeting and remarketing, paired with effective targeting through advertising networks, it is easy to achieve complex objectives like reducing dropped carts and increasing conversion.

Technology is always on your side as the owner of an online business. Improving your operations, boosting efficiency, and streamlining the entire workflow of the business are just a matter of finding the right solutions to use. The three ways we discussed in this article are perfect starting points for you to explore today.