Slots That Borrowed Themes from Popular Movies


We all enjoy watching a movie from time to time as their storylines are engaging and fun. Some of them leave a better impression than the others and leave us craving for more.

It seems that various iGaming software developers have been monitoring what the movies we watch and love are and decided to give us a chance to spend more time with our favorite characters.

How did they do it? They created various slot games based on the themes from top-rated movies everyoneís heard of. Letís find out what the best-rated slots that carry world-known movie names are.

The Dark Knight Rises

You must have lived under the rock if you havenít heard of Batman and his heroic deeds. In case you didnít know, thereís also a slot game featuring the Dark Knight and continuing his mission to save the world from the bad guys.

Jurassic Park

The high-quality graphics of the Jurassic Park slot are about to take you back in time when dinosaurs owned this planet. Take a walk around the jungle and check out the game features together with fellow explorers and the dinos.

King Kong

Nothing is impossible in the world of online slots. Thatís why youíll be able to play your favorite online game while the colossal ape known as King Kong keeps you company. If you still think that this giant gorilla doesnít scare you, maybe itís time to put that belief to the test by playing this game based on a timeless classic story.


Rocky Balboa doesnít only rock on the movie set. One of the world-known boxers got its place on the reels too, alongside other movie characters. Whoever manages to spell out his name on the reels can count on 5x more fun!


If you loved Russel Crowe in the movie, the Gladiator slot should definitely be your choice. Thereís no need to visit the Colosseum as youíve got all the details placed on the reels. In other words, you can have all the movie-like fun without spilling even a drop of blood.


Thereís something in that Ancient Egyptian culture that keeps inspiring various movie and game producers. Thatís why itís no wonder that this fabled historical figure gets its place among movie-themed slots, too. You can find the Cleopatra slot game on Slingo and get an insight into the mystical world of mummies and pyramids.

Dirty Dancing

This is a slot that got marked as girly due to the romantic nature of the movie. If you are up for some dancing on the reels, do not miss Dirty Dancing by any chance. Thereís no need to put on your dancing shoes since youíll definitely get them in the form of a slot symbol, together with some good dancing music in the background.


You couldíve probably never imagined that a little teddy bear will make such a fuss worldwide. In the slot game, Ted will be sleeping once you arrive. It might surprise you, but itís preferable that you wake him up during your stay since thatís the recipe for activating one of the game modifiers. If youíve never had a favorite toy before, maybe itíll be a teddy bear from now on.

Top Gun

No, you wonít see Tom Cruise on the reels of the Top Gun slot, considering the amount of money slot developers would have to pay for using his image as a symbol. However, you will hear that iconic Take My Breath Away song and get the feeling youíre ready to step into the danger zone.

The Matrix

Being one of the most famous science fiction movies ever, The Matrix was well accepted when it entered the iGaming realm. Obviously, Neo is the wild symbol, together with the legendary black cat. Thereís also the Dťjŗ Vu Shuffle feature used to portray the real sense of the movie.