Make Your Own Meme With These Free Tools

Memes are so popular these days, that every other person on facebook shares, likes or upload one such photo, which give you an dialogue written by some innovator.

The most popular memes can be found on Reddit, which is another social network which is absolutely mad about commenting and voting.

So, to get you started with making memes, we will tell the best free tools which can generate memes in no time, also you will find some great photo manipulations provided with these generators. No photoshop or any other expensive software is required, just upload the photo or pick one from the collection, write a caption and share it with your friends and enjoy the internet saga.


Probably the best and the fastest way to make a meme, with its popular inbuilt tool ‘memegen‘. This tools has a great interface which let you select multiple text layers and also have popular examples to let you select from them. Once you have created the meme, the image will be automatically uploaded to Imgur and you will get a new page with your picture and embed information with sharing buttons for social networks.


Although banned from Reddit, this meme generator has a great community attached, where you get views and comments on memes you generate. Obviously they should be funny at least. Funny images can also be found on this website and it looks that people love sharing images which intrigue them.


Most of the memes around the web are almost same images which are being used again and again, where people write on them with new perspective. Here at Livememe you will get the most used images on the frontpage, which are blank and you can start writing on the top and bottom to make a new meme. A great site to share memes on Reddit.

Meme Dad

Meme Dad is ad free option to create meme and share it on Reddit. It was made, when Reddit banned Quickmeme. It has the added functionality for Reddit users.


Another banned community on Reddit is ImgFlip, although now that popular but it has made a consider mark when making memes. The options are simple and easy, you can create a meme very fast and share at your favorite social network.


A simple and effective piece of website, which allow you to generate memes with very ease and comfort.


Some more Options

memecaptain, memegen, dropmeme, memesnap, diylol,, ismeme, weknowmemes, ratemymeme, memefive

There are few mobile apps and desktop applications as well, here is the list below :

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