Great Gadgets That Every Electrician Should Have

Gadgets for Electrician

Being an electrician can mean long hours, challenging projects and working in conditions that are far from ideal. There is also the fact that working with electricity is inherently dangerous. These are only a few of the reasons that electricians are continually on the lookout for gadgets that will allow them to meet client expectations while working faster, more efficiently and more safely. Here are some of the latest gadgets that have the potential to make every electrical project that much easier.

1. A Heavy Duty Tool Belt.

Carrying tools around a project site can be a pain – switching out tools is time-consuming and when there are ladders required climbing up and down to access tools leads to fatigue – and that can be dangerous. But there is a solution thanks to the many heavy-duty tool belts that are currently on the market. One of the best on the market is the Gatorback Combo Heavy Duty Belt. It’s incredibly comfortable and air channels keep the contractor cool while it is being used. It’s rivetted and bar-tacked for extra strength and the 18-pocket right pouch and 9-pocket left pouch means there’s room for everything. Pros atarkelectricians.comhighly recommend having a robust belt for efficient delivery of electrical services.

2. A Great Headlamp.

Electricians need to be able to see what they are doing with absolute clarity – even in cramped spaces and low light conditions. Professional-grade headlamps offer a solution. Coast Products offers a version that boasts LED’s supplying a 309-lumen beam. It also has an expandable Z cord for the light and allows the LEDs to be angled to suit the requirements of any job.

3. A Smart Extension Cord.

Extension cords are vital pieces of equipment and a self-reeling cord makes most jobs a lot easier. But most models on the market retract at a single speed and if that is fast there is the danger of the cord whipping around as it is retracted. The ‘RoboReel’ offers 50 feet of functionality and a heavy-duty 12-gauge power cord. The microprocessor in the ball-shaped housing unit allows users to select specific points where the retraction process is slowed down, reducing that potentially dangerous whipping action. It also automatically cuts off power to the cord if it should be severed or if it is overheating.

4. A ‘Motion-activated’ screwdriver.

Black and decker have a reputation for designing exceptional tools – and they have applied their collective minds to the design of the ‘cordless 4V Max Gyro screwdriver’. This screwdriver has an internal gyroscope and microprocessor that evaluate wrist motion. These then change the direction and speed of the tool. Tilt right and the screwdriver rotates clockwise – and vice versa.

5. Quality Knee Pads.

It may seem trivial to many who are not electricians – but spending hours on your knees causes incredible discomfort – and can lead to long-term health issues. Great knee pads are essential – and they needn’t cost a fortune. There are also alternatives such as the soft foam knee board. The Kobalt ‘kneeler board’ is constructed using lightweight polypropylene and measures 1 foot by 1 feet with handle grips.

6. Keeping Cool.

Lithium-Ion batteries have changed the way that electricians do business. Power tools and other products are easier to use in their cordless versions. Add the Makita ’18V LXT job site fan’ to those products and life can become a lot more comfortable, especially in those small, stuffy spaces or when the sun is beating down on a roof and attic work is required. It lasts for three hours on a single charge and this powerful portable fan can also be plugged in to a wall socket.

7. Get the Full Picture with a Video Inspection Camera.

A flexible miniature video camera can allow electricians to view hard to reach places. Knowing the challenge can mean time savings. Models such as the Extech ‘BR200 video borescope/wireless inspection camera’ are waterproof and tough. This particular unit has a 39-inch flexible gooseneck. It also has a detachable 3.5 inch LED display that can receive pictures from up to 32 feet away from the camera unit. Images and video can be downloaded for later viewing on a computer.

Keeping track of the latest gadget trends allows the electrician to choose gadgets that can make a real difference, saving them time, saving them money – and keeping them safe.