Top 25 Best Inspiring Background Tracks of 2018

Background Tracks

Whether you are running your YouTube channel or a Podcast, music plays an essential role in every project that you take in your hand. It’s a powerful mode through which you can create emotions around your message. However, considering the number of choices that we have right now, choosing the right track is getting trickier day by day.

How you want your audience to feel when they are watching your video or listening to your podcast? Shouldn’t they feel connected to what you have to offer? Finding the right tune for your project is crucial if you want your audience to connect with you and to listen to what you have to offer. When you start searching for the perfect tune for your project, you can get overwhelmed because there is so much of the music available online. Filtering the music by genre is the best way if you want to pick up the impressive music for your project.

To find the right music, you will first have to decide what your requirements are. You need to find out what your project is about and which music genre will complement your project. Filtering the music cut down all the noises that you don’t need, and it eases up the process of selection. Before selecting a music track, you should remember that good background music shouldn’t be distracting. Look for the songs that have sonic elements that complement the human voice – it can be anything from vocals to piano melodies. Avoid choosing the tracks that have complex melodies. If you want to convey something powerful, then try using the instruments in the low frequency.

To help you in your hunt for the best background inspiring music, we have shortlisted 25 best songs from the vast collection of music from Envato elements music library. You will find 7618 royalty free music tracks here to choose from which is pretty awesome if you are looking for a wide range of music inventory.

  1. Upbeat Inspiring Corporate UpliftingThis music track is number one on this list. It is a rousing tune which exudes the tone of happiness along with the great rhythmic intensity.
  2. Upbeat Happy Rock with Whistle & Heys – This is the music to lift your mood and to perk you up a little. The song is going to add the spice to your project listening to which your audience will develop a keen interest in whatever information you are going to tell them.
  3. Happy Uplifting Acoustic Background – The rhythmic intensity along with the resonating chords make this piece of music a unique one. The music is suitable for any project that includes advertising.
  4. Feeling so good – The unique strumming of the guitar along with the melodious whistling makes this music one of the highly liked by the people. The rhythm seems to make the surroundings optimistic. It can be an excellent selection for the project which requires a happy audio tone.
  5. Inspiring Acoustic Folk – Another fascinating piece of the music. Crisp and intense work of slow acoustic guitar suitable for all those listeners who prefer the deep and tender music.
  6. New dream – Again a masterpiece which got popular this year because of the extraordinary combination of snare drum and acoustic guitar. The music is definitely good for any business project.
  7. Energetic modern rock – This modern Music has marvelous clap work in addition to the astounding drum beating.
  8. Inspiring ambience – This is a peaceful Music art mainly on the piano which is great for any project. As the name suggests, the music creates a happy ambiance.
  9. Motivational Thinking – It’s a contemporary style of music which has many ups and down and the contrast in mood is well handled in the audio. Its great piece of tune if you want to inspire your audience.
  10. Upbeat and exciting hipster music – This music became highly popular this year. The audio has a fast tempo, but vocals are complementing with the tune. The tune is worth trying for any project that includes adventure and bravery.
  11. Energetic uplifting motivational Epic Victory –This audio is mainly for the people who love the energy in their Music. The audio has a great collaboration between violin and piano. The rhythm is undoubtedly inspiring.
  12. Inspiring and Graceful cinematic – The music has a beautiful and celestial tune. The work on the xylophone is admiring, and the vocals are above par — great choice to add an emotional component to your project.
  13. Uplifting inspiring motivational and rousing – It is again a perky music that is going to stir anybody who hears it.
  14. Upbeat and inspiring Indie rock – a Beautiful collaboration of claps and acoustics. If you are a lover of rock music, this is for you!
  15. Uplifting Indie rock – It’s a bright audio tune which has excitement in it, and it brings out the sense of adventure in everyone who hears it.
  16. Upbeat and inspiring corporate – It’s a highly captivating piece of music which is definitely going to stay with your audience for quite a long time.
  17. Fun inspiring dance pop – For all those who are into the pop genre, this audio tune is entirely for you. It’s bouncy and refreshing to hear.
  18. Motivational and inspiring Indie adventure– The sonorous music which represents adventure and excitement was the top choice of people this year.
  19. Upbeat and fun Indie rock – The audio has a great whistling sound which is perfectly blended with clapping. The tune has the perfect balance of warm melody.
  20. Happy positive motivation – The music infuses the feeling of happiness and excitement in the listener. It is best if you are looking for a catchy tune to promote your business through advertisement.
  21. Energetic upbeat Indie rock – The music is the first-rate choice for the projects having action and energy. The contrast in tune is well handled by the composer.
  22. Uplifting inspiring piano Brilliant ideas – The exciting music composed on the piano which is synchronized with the violin, is one of the best audio tunes to add an extra factor in your project.
  23. Inspiring moments – One of the best music to choose for your project to infuse inspiration. The beautiful and calm music has some of the fantastic violin rhythms.
  24. Epic energetic final duel – The audio tune is best suitable for action, battle and blockbuster projects. It brings out the sense of adventure in the listener.
  25. Motivational and inspiring pop rock –The music has a very bright and catchy tune. You can use it in case you want to energize and excite your audience.

Image Credits: Background Tracks from A. and I. Kruk/Shutterstock