Benefits of Using Professional Audio to Text Transcription Services

Transcription Services

All commercial firms, from sole ventures to large organizations, appreciate technologies that save time and resources. Transcription services not only save on these elements, but it also ensures that your company’s materials are easily accessible and readable as needed. Everyday use of transcription is the subtitles on television shows. In business environments, video and audio files are converted to accurate texts which can be compiled into reports and other business literature. 

Traditional Transcription Services

Prior to the use of artificial intelligence for transcribing audio, the task was undertaken by human transcriptionists with fast, accurate typing skills, excellent focus and a keen eye for detail. This remains the case today, with many transcription services still using human transcribers rather than relying on machines. The quality and accuracy of these traditionaltranscription servicesreally comes into its own for recordings with multiple speakers, background noise, stutters in the recording or inaudible words.

Artificial Intelligence and Transcription  

Organizations and startups have been implementing the use of artificial intelligence on various levels. Thanks to technology, consumers can now use services like Siri by Apple and Google Voice. The automatic speech recognition technology uses artificial intelligence to interpret human sounds and convert them to text. This technology takes a fraction of the time people typically take to transcribe videos and audios. 

 In sectors like the media, people transcribe audio manually for hours, a process which is not only costly and time-consuming but which fails to keep up with the constant demand for new content. AI transcription not only makes this process more streamlined but searching and editing information is made easier. is one such AI-powered transcription platform where you can conveniently convert speech to text in a matter of seconds. This application is purely online and converts audio to text in real-time.

You can save a lot of time and boosts your productivity by using this High-End AI technology to convert spoken words into texts with 100% accuracy. It is a revolution in the field of speech recognition.

The benefits of AI transcription include:  

1. Accessibility  

Online videos have become quite popular. Over 30 million users log into YouTube daily to watch almost 5 billion videos. Businesses with an online presence may be lured by these statistics to the video world that they forget text-based content. Transcription improves accessibility especially among people who use texts to enjoy recorded information.

 In the US, 35 million people depend on transcriptions to better understand recorded content. The country’s Americans with Disabilities Act was expanded in 2011 to ensure the accessibility of visual and audio materials to all viewers. Making videos, blogs, and documents available in many formats also ensures that a business reaps the benefits of serving all markets.

2. Discoverability  

Search engines cannot listen to audio files or watch videos, but they do index text. Search engines will rely on a transcript to ingest the multimedia content in a website and rank it accordingly. Rankings and traffic accompany each other in terms of SEO.

The higher a business is ranked on the results page, the more traffic it will attract. Keywords are an online marketer’s primary weapon. Sprinkling keywords in your transcriptions and captions ensure that you attract the right kind of audience and boost engagement and conversions.  

3. Repurpose Content   

A recording can be thought of as a seed from where other content forms spring from. Your transcripts can make excellent blog posts, mailing lists, online courses, and social media content. Think of turning a podcast into tweets or expounding it into a useful guide.

Your audio content does not have to expire as you can increase its shelf-life via many platforms.   

4. Increased Shares 

Online marketers understand how hard it is to entirely rely on search engines to bring traffic to a business. It is not always feasible to channel the needed resources and time to crafting the volumes of content required. Distributing content across many avenues is one method of spreading your brand’s visibility.

As more readers access your content, they will share it across social media and engage even more people. The goal is to render it easy for readers to share your content.  

5. Delight your audience   

People are drawn to brands that accommodate various lifestyles and needs. A person may opt to listen to audios on their morning runs and read texts on the bus to work. Once they are settled at home in the evening, they may delight in videos. Offering your content in various formats attests to your flexibility as a business. 

Using audio to text converter online services is a hassle-free way of getting transcriptions. Take, for example, where you get your audio files transcribed in a few minutes. The site relies on a text editor and a media-player to offer accurate transcriptions and can be used by students, journalists, podcasters, and interviewers. For businesses, audio to text transcription service can come in handy when you need text versions of recorded telephone calls. Transcriptions of calls to the support staff can help you adjust your customer service if need be.         

After transcription is finalized on the website, users can easily edit the text, and each word would be tied up to the precise audio moment. The website can also recognize speakers and structure the text to the speech of different speakers.

Companies are continually on the lookout for technologies that will save time and money. Artificial intelligence and transcription are increasingly being adopted to boost the efficiency of business activities. Among the benefits of transcription are improved SEO and accessibility and repurposing of content. Engaging audio to text converter online websites like is a sure way of maintaining the accuracy of transcriptions.

Image Credits: Transcription Services from artapartment /Shutterstock