How slight changes in your blog writing can lead to more traffic

blog writing

Monetising your blog is challenging for many bloggers who are struggling to keep up the traffic visiting their website. The more the visits, the better the prospects of your income. Therefore, it is essential that bloggers concentrate on their analytics to evaluate their website performance.

Analytics can help bloggers learn more about traffic trends and the challenges that limit their ability to do well. Tools such as Semrush and Moz also provide you with information on your competitors hence making it easier for you to draw comparisons and set future goals.

To get you started on your goals, here is a list of a few tips that might help you perform well when it comes to your website traffic.

Personalise Your Blog

Add a personal touch to your writing hence allowing the followers not just to be fans of your writing but also build a relationship with you as a blogger. Aiming to have a relationship with your followers by sharing personal experiences and giving them personalised tips might strengthen the loyalty of your followers, hence making them come back to your website again and again!

Use Subheadings, Avoiding Long Paragraphs

Adding subheadings to your blog will help you improve not just on the appearance of your content, making it more aesthetically sound but would also make sure that the readers are not immediately intimidated by long paragraphs. Optically, long paragraphs seem like a daunting task to read. The reader should preferably be able to get all the information they need from your blog by not having to dig deep into it.

For example, a busy reader looking for the ‘top five romantic places to visit in the world’ would be more interested in your blog if the names of the places are mentioned in the subheadings as this makes information easily extractable. This strategy helps bloggers retain the interest of their readers hence increasing the number of clicks to their website.

Add Images to Your Blog

Illustrative images are a powerful tool to make your blog look more interesting hence allowing more traffic to your website. Images not just hold a reader’s attention but also let you illustrate your points better. Showing an image of a beautiful place with exceptional scenic beauty would be more impactful than just black and white text, using only words. This makes reading more understandable now that the readers can visually relate to what you are referring to in your content.

Bounce Rate

Decreasing your bounce rate to the same value as your competitors or even lower can take you a long way in increasing the traffic to your website. A decreased bounce rate means that a visitor is spending more time on your site. This gauges their interest in the content that you are producing. Therefore, it is crucial that the content that you create is not just updated on your website regularly, with consistency but also is of interest/relevance to your followers. Tips to increase/retain the interest of your followers include producing content which aligns with your niche and avoiding too much repetition of the topics you are writing on.

Add Internal and External Links to Your Blog

Backlinks are crucial in attracting more traffic to your blog. Once you start writing on a topic, make sure that you include the links of any other relevant blogs authored by you. For example, if you are writing about the ‘top five romantic places to visit in the world’, and you include the Maldives as one of the locations, you may want to include a link to another article ‘five reasons why the Maldives should be on your bucket list’. This strategy increases the likelihood of a reader clicking on another link to your website help increase your number of clicks and followers.

Creating external links might be a little tricky as you might have to contact a third-party to include links to your blogs in their work to direct traffic to your site. These third parties are called influencers. Influencers are renowned/famous/influential personalities in their fields of work. Having loyal followership or a good number of visits themselves, influencers can endorse you on their websites and divert their followers to visit your site too.

Waseem from Healthy Links & VM Interactive believes that having a good number of backlinks is one of the most effective ways of improving your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), therefore, increasing the amount of traffic visiting your blog. In pursuance of helping businesses out with their marketing needs, Healthy Links also provide services to expand blogger reach by assisting with content creation and creating backlinks.  

Image Credits: blog writing from StevanZZ/Shutterstock