The Pros and Cons of Technology


We live in a world, in a society where technology is advancing every second of the day. Every new development, invention or discovery is a form of technology advancement. Technology is nothing new, it has been around for generations and will be for generations to come, the only difference is that it is advancing in ways where we need to be aware of how we use it and why weíre using it. Due to technology advancement our medical fields, engineering, schooling, mechanically and virtually all places of work have grown and made life so much easier in the way of development. Operations that could never be done in the past can be done today as they can see everything of screen making the impossible possible.


  1. It connects the world effortlessly

Technology connects the world with very little effort. It makes our world a much smaller place. We can connect with various technologies, making communication with family, friends, businesses and clients, all around the globe, possible. It allows us to view and keep updated in real time, with whatís happening in far away places, through news, media and various other mediums.

  • Communication is virtually free

Communication was so very expensive many years ago and it was a privilege more so for the wealthy to own a telephone, for example, which was the only home communication available. Today almost every person, no matter their financial situation, has access to communication via either a telephone, cellphone or laptop. These devices have made communication virtually free through skyping, cell phone video calling over apps such as WhatsApp or Facebook chat. 

  • It makes everything easier

Today we can pretty much do anything and everything online. Who would have ever thought that we would advance to such a stage that we could even do personal banking through our phones, let alone purchase clothing, groceries, flights, motor vehicles and so much more? We can even list our own goods to sell and buy from others living halfway across the world. Technology has helped us to avoid tedious queues and time-wasting and has even made it possible to receive medical attention from wherever you are. Today, the world is a global marketplace, a global village and thatís all thanks to the advancements in tech.


  1. It can create problems that we donít know how to fix

While technology makes things easier the majority of the time, we shouldnít forget that for most of us, tech is complicated. We know how to use devices and benefit from them, but when something goes wrong, we have no idea what to do – and itís stressful! Sometimes businesses experience tech or IT issues, which can cost time, money and opportunities, especially if the office is down for more than a few hours. But luckily there are many tech-savvy people in the world, such as Tech Brain, who are happy to tackle IT related problems.

  1. It can become addictive

The cons to this wonderful tool is that it robs us of our precious time. We have so many good intentions but then something pops onto our screen and what we intended to do or focus on for just a minute or two, can sometimes go on for hours. Children spend more time indoors on laptops, cellphones, gaming or talking to friends instead of spending time with family, and their parents are guilty of it too. You just need to look around at restaurants or even movie houses to see people of all ages on their cell phones or tablets and not paying attention to the people theyíre with. Limit the use of these items to avoid this becoming a bad habit. It is creating a society thatís physically anti-social.

  1. We compare ourselves to others

Through search engines, internet, YouTube videos and most of the social media channels, we have access to today, we find ourselves comparing ourselves and others and what they portray their lives to be. We start comparing our lives, our property what we have and donít have to everyone else around us. We are never good enough, we donít have the best of everything and the pressure we put on ourselves leads to all kinds of mental health challenges that people suffer today. Even older generations can be affected by the pressures of social media; people start looking at their lives and their marriages or relationships and start to nit-pick on what they donít have (when sometimes what they do have is different to their social media friends, but beautiful nonetheless). Technology should be used wisely and should never blur our perceptions.