4 Ways Technology Can Modernize Your Law Firm

Law Firm

The boom in technological advancements has echoed along various walks of life and business spheres. Almost all the professions are warmly welcoming these advancements including the legal field.


About 71% of the top performing law firms use tech, which assists them in various matters such as monitoring the workflow, budgeting expenses in real time, and more. Technological solutions can help shift the work burden from manual shoulders to automated procedures. It can also help keep track of cases among other things.

Since automation can improve workflow and boost a law firm’s efficiency, here is an in-depth look into four ways how technology can modernize your law firm:

1. Technology helps with information management

Long gone are the days when a law firm would come to a standstill because an advocate got sick and couldn’t make it the office. Legal tech stores information, records, and knowledge of various ongoing and closed cases electronically.

What’s more, all information snippets are stored in an organized and easy to access fashion. This means that when your firm members search for information, they can pull whatever they are looking for easily instead of having to go through drawers of files.

The centralized database also means that the law firm does not freeze or pause its operation if a partner, lawyer, consultant, assistant or any of the administrative staff leaves.

2. Helps your firm adopt the modern customer-centric approach

Modernization is all about providing services with a customer-centered approach. Research suggests that by 2020, customer experience will top the charts as the product differentiator, ranking higher than price and product itself.

You can learn from this and pay attention to client satisfaction in your line of work too. Legal technology can help you to this end. Tech allows you to collaborate with your clients. A case in point is the use of social media by law firms to nurture business relationships with their clients.

3. It assists with document management

Location resources and the information is a time-consuming process. The problem is that lawyers are busy people who spend more of their time between client meetings, the courthouse, and their offices. This means that the legal team is left with little time at the dispense to gather the relevant documents and stay updated.

At most, the law firm may depend on emails and calls to track opinions, judgments, transaction files, and so on. However, that can also lower efficiency because it is slow. In contrast, advanced technology that offers document management systems makes it easier to organize and locate documents.

Such advanced software provides efficiency-boosting features such as check-in and check-out features, advanced search capability, document descriptions and so on. You can also choose tech that offers security permissions. This will allow you to separate confidential information from staff members and give access to selected users only.

 4. Tech helps improve workflow

Evidence suggests that an inefficient workflow can cost a company about 30% in its revenue. However, automation offered by technological advancements can help save you from the inefficiency.

You can also bid farewell to repetitive manual processes that eat up time, cause delays, and can also culminate in inaccurate data entry. Tech offers workflows and forms such as contact forms as seen on CKM law Calgary’s website that maximize operational efficiency. Data can be gathered and stored with the help of these without any extra hands from the administration staff.

Bottom line

Summing up, it is clear that tech can drive your law firm to progress by automating repetitive tasks, storing data securely, presenting documents in an organized manner, and more. Put simply, tech can help your law firm modernize by preparing it to operate like a well-oiled machine in the digital era.

Image Credits: Technology from create jobs 51/Shutterstock